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Top Quality Mining Equipment High Efficiency Portable Rock Crusher

SMG Series Cone Crushers are advanced technology of cone crusher in the world, not only provides the features of high reliability, but also with the features of high crushing efficiency, low operation cost, good shape of the end productstimized cavity, higher capacity,better qualitySMG series cone crusher is designed for optional variety of cavitiesy selecting suitable cavities and eccentricity, it ensures the producing demand of customer in maximum and realizes high capacityResistant wear part consumption and low operation costThe discharging open can be adjusted timely and conveniently with hydraulic adjusting design, which realizes full load operation, lowers wear parts consumption and reduces operating costEasy cavities exchangeDue to the same body structure, we can get different crushing cavity by changing liner plate to fulfill the various processing for coarse and fine crushingSMGSeries cone crusher Capacities ModelCavityMaxFeeding SizemmCSSmmCapacityth2225293235384144485154606470SMG 100SEC2408588- 11595- 135102- 165110- 135125C20070- 8575- 11085- 12095SMG 200SEC360125135- 175148- 230155- 290165- 310175- 326180- 330195- 300200- 255210C300105115- 145125- 195130- 250140- 270150- 285160- 295165- 260180SMG 300SEC450252- 310265- 358285- 450300- 532323- 586338- 516355- 463C400215- 265225- 306243- 320259- 425272- 495285- 456298- 410310- 385SMG 500SC500290- 380325- 410350- 555365- 685383- 753396- 795432- 860450- 785495- 620Engineering caseCompany profileCertificateContact information.

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