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V7 dry Sand Making EquipmentV7 dry-type sand making equipment effectively utilizes key technologies such as vertical-shaft crushing, air screening, and adopts the latest five-hole impact rotor structure centrifugal crushing method based on the "rock-breaking", showing excellent crushing performance, realize the finished product sand fineness modulus is adjustable, ensure the quality of finished product sand to the greatest extent, and at the same time perfectly grades out-of-gauge particle size, finished product sand, stone powder particle size grading, maximize screening efficiencyn addition, its off-line ash removal pulse filter technology ensures that the equipment can operate under closed negative pressure environment, effectively control the content of stone powder in finished sand, and realize green productionodelV7-60V7-100V7-150CrusherUS7-474HUS7-636HUS7-636HSKYScreenAS2500AS3900AS3900TMaximum feeder sizemm13Maximum input60100150power of main unitskW430780870L*W*H28920351023351028Pre-screening systemPre-screening of raw materials before crushing can improve the quality of finished materials and effectively avoid damage to rotors and throwing heads, thus eliminating the worries of materials with particle sizes exceeding the standardying systemDouble-return drying and cooling drum, with controllable temperature and excellent performance, can effectively solve the problem of the high moisture content of raw materials, and save up to 20%-30% of heat energylf-cleaning systemIt can be equipped with a central centralized dust collection system to clean dust and accumulated water and be used after connecting the reserved vacuum port with good sealing, low noise, convenient operation and high dust suction efficiencythe cleaning speed is 5 times of manualwder removal systemThe NAS powder removal equipment with excellent performance is adopted to realize the classification of circulating air in the equipment, the classification point is adjustable, and the fine powder below 150m can be removed by 7% - 10%, can effectively solve the problem of powder, mud in raw materials improve the quality of finished productsise reduction systemAdopt straight pipe type resistance silencer, small resistance less than 30Pa, strong silencing capability, noise reduction 10-15DB A, can effectively eliminate the noise generated by the main noise source of the blower and induced draft fan, and realize environmental protection productionne powder separation systemAdvanced NHS fine powder separation equipment is adopted, with its unique design of dispersion cone and air inletigh classification ratecoarse particles above 45m and fine particles below 45m in stone powder can be classified , grading particle size can be adjusted, but also to achieve grading synchronous drying customizednd the unique environmental protection design and wear-resistant treatment can ensure that dust does not scatter in the production, production performance is stable and not vulnerabletal detection systemMA series metal detector is adopted, which has a strong anti-interference capability and adjustable sensitivity and can accurately identify non-ferrous metal or weak magnetic alloy substances in raw materials once detected, feeding will be stopped to avoid equipment damage How is the quality of your products?A our machines are manufactured strictly according to national and international standards, and we take a test on each equipment before delivery You can also use Trade Assurance by Alibaba for product quality protection, on-time shipment protection and payment protection How about the price?A We are factory and be able to give you the lowest price than market one, and we have a policy that for saving time and absolutely honest business attitude, we quote as low as possible for any customer, and discount can be given according to quantity Do you provide after-sale service?A Yeshe warranty period of our machines is one year, and we have a professional after-sale service team to promptly and thoroughly solve your problems Do you provide equipment operation training?A Yese can send professional engineers to the working site for equipment installation, adjustment, and operation trainingll of our engineers have passports Can you test our samples?A Yesou can send your samples to us for test and analysisQ Service and Payment Terms?A We usually accept TT, LCT 30% in advance as down payment, the balance before delivery We take pictures of finished products before delivery.

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