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Pioneer 30x42 Jaw Crusher

Pioneer 30x42 Jaw Crusher Spares L-03821 Fixed And L-03820 Swing Jaw Liner Plate

Product Name FeaturesandAdvantages of 1Materials highmanganese and customised materialsUsewearpartsforcrushersinthequarry,mining,cementaggregate,recycling,shredding anddemolitionfieldsetc3CertificationsISO9001TS andCEcertificationProductionqualitytestinghardnesstesting,metallographicstructure,machineryperformance testing,ultrasonicinspection,highfrequencyinfraredcarbonandsurfaceanalysisetcCompetitiveproductsgoodqualitywithreasonablepriceStrongwearresistanceandlonglifespan,canbeusedinharshenvironmentandseriousabrasionProfessionalourfactoryhasover 10yearsworkingexperienceincastingandforgingprocessand manufactureWecanprovidecustomizeddesignaccordingtoourclientsdemandsandalsorefineourproducts byourclientsfeedbackAll brand names, model names or marks are owned by their respective manufacturerscho Machinery has no affiliation with the original equipment manufacturerhese terms are used for identification purposes only and are not intended to indicate affiliation with or approval by the OEMll parts are manufactured by, for and warranted by Echo Machinery and are not manufactured by, purchased from or warranted by the original equipment manufacturerCasting Photo of Echo MachineryJaw Plate Warehouse PhotoEcho Machinery Offer ServicesOne-Stop Serviceone-stop service refers to provision of all your plant spare partst saves you time when you can get all the parts which your machinery needspervise Suppliers Sourcing New Suppliers Supervise Your SuppliersInspect Your Goods Engineering ConsultationEcho Machinery offers you engineering consultation services to solve your specific problemsstomised ServiceContactustodayandtelluswhatserviceyou are looking foruwillalwaysreceiveservicewithsincerityandintegrityfromEchoMachineryFormoreproductsservicesinformation,pleasevisitour websitewwwhomachineryEcho Machinery offers both standard and individual solutions in the quarry,mining,cement aggregate,recycling, shredding and demolitionfields are not just an intermediary between manufacturers andcustomersr strong point is helping you solve any particular problem in your plant work with alllevels of professional producers,those with more than 3000 employees or smaller companies with justaround 100 employeesst importantly,we pride ourselves on providing unique parts and equipmentto you on timeEcho Machinery provided parts are mainly focused on your plant machiner products range from thedrill rod, buckets for excavator and wheel loaders, crusher spare parts, construction machinery parts,brass bush, conveyor and screen spare parts, beneficiation equipment replacement parts, grinding millspare parts, machining spare parts and other customized spare partscho Machinery focuses on beinga comprehensive spare parts store for all your plant equipment needsn addition to these tangibleproducts, we also provide many intangible services for you, such as one-stop serviceBut how versatile we are, it is impossible to explain in a few sentencesHence this Echo Machinery Alibaba website or contact us1 Whatkindsofproductsdoyouoffer?A Echo Machinery provided parts are mainly related to your plant machinet ranges from the drill rod,excavator buckets and wheel loaders, crusher spare parts, construction machinery parts,brassbush, conveyor and screen spare parts, beneficial equipment spare parts, grinding mill spare parts, machiningspare parts and other customized spare parts2Q What kind of materialsare you familiar with?A We are familiar with carbon steel, alloy steel, standard wearing plate, high material steel, highchromesteel, casting iron, and bronze have begun to research ceramic insert material technology3 Whats the maximum single weight that can be casted? What is your processing capacityper day ?A The single weight that can be casted at one time is 13 metric tonshe capacity is 80 tons per workingday4Q Can you use foundry machining castings ?AYes, the CNC machine can machine material hardness from HB200 to HRC62e maximum machining length is 8m and maximum width is 4m5 What information do we need to provide to you in order to confirm our parts order?A We work with technical drawings for any non-standard productsf the order is for standard parts, youonly have to provide us with the part number so we may define the parts of theorder6Q May we visit the factory?A Yes, you can visit the factory during working days and our sales team would he happy to assist you It is possible, to take the high speed train from Shanghai station to the factory and we can pick up you at theairport or train station7 If your product has inferior quality or quality problem after we use them what happens next?A First of all, you have to provide us photos of the problem part and also provide photos of the machine sowe can see how the part was installed and gather other necessary information to definethe root cause of the problemf it is indeed a quality problem of the product itself, wewould offer compensation to you and also figure out solutions to avoid this quality problemin the futuref the problem is caused by clients,we only provide the .

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