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H13 Blade Crusher For Plasticmetalrubbercanscable Plastic Crusher Machine In Malaysia

Platic crusher machine in Malaysia made in Henan Lantian Machinery Manufacture Co, Ltdas blades type, hammer types, scissors type, etcor your choice according to customers raw material informationammer type is used to crush wood wastes into fine powder but blade and scissors type are applied to crush big raw material into small pieces, then we use hammer type to grind raw material into fine powderlastic crusher machines raw material is not only can be plastic wastes, but also also other raw materials such as cables, wires, metals, iron, copper, aluminum, ore, stone, clay, wood wastes, etcrious kinds blades of plastic crusher machine in MalaysiaAdvantages of plastic crusher machine in Malaysia1 Large scale raw materialsuch as plastic, rubber, woven bags, iron, copper, cans, bottles, etc Easy operation working process No quick-wearing parts Motor brands can be used according to customers demands For reducer, my factory adopts hardened gears hard tooth surface, gears and shaft are both made through thermal treatment Shafts are all overstriking Box body is integrated by using casting8 Our reducer is hard-gear surface reducerhis kind reducer can provide more strength than normal type reducer when can crushing machine worksrious kinds raw materials of plastic crusher machine in Malaysia1 Aluminum wastes Iron metal wastes Plastic wastes Woven bags Wastes clothes Ore, stone, quartzc Glass Coal lumps, Sand or clay Can wastes Wood wsates, straw, grass, leaves, etcrtificationsDetailed ImagesMain parts of Plastic crusher machine in MalaysiaItem 1 Blades of plastic crusher machine in MalaysiaMy factorys hammers bladesknives are made by H13, 55 CrSi, 9 CrSi, etcnives raw materials depends on customers raw materialf customers raw material is plastic bottles, plastic bags, can bottles, wastes clothes, woven bags, wood wastes, straw, leaves, grass, plant stalks, sand, clay,, we can choose 9 CrSI, 55 CrSi, as raw material but if customers raw material is metal, iron, stone, ore, or any other hard raw materials, we need to use H13 as knives raw materialem 2 Main shaft of plastic crusher machine in MalaysiaPlastic crusher machine in Malaysias main shaft is much thicker than other factoriesnd we use double-bond belt pulleyhis design can make plastic crusher machine work much more longer time than normal typend the whole set shaft can have long serving timeem 3 Hard-gear surface reducer of plastic crusher machine in MalaysiaMy factorys plastic crusher machine in Malaysia adopts hard-gear surface reducerhis type reducers gears and shafts manufacturing process though heating treatmenthis process can make plastic crusher machine have longer serving timehats more, my factorys plastic crusher machine also adopts four shafts driver rather than three shafts driverhis ensure pet bottle crushers crushing strengthhats more, my factorys reducer also adopt four-shaft driving torque and driving forceading site of plastic crusher machine in MalaysiaOur ServicePacking Delivery Packaging Size 20 GP Container Weight 5t Packaging Details Normally, plastic crusher machines packaging details are packaged according to plastic crusher machines typesig size plastic crusher machine will be loaded in cotaniers directly Packaging Size 6 L * 2W * 2Dm Weight According to different types Packaging Details If one set small type plastic crusher machine, we can use wooden box to package can crushernan Lantian Machinery Manufacture Co, Ltdnan Lantian Machinery Manufacture Co, Ltdas founded in 1980s in Gongyi City, Zhengzhou Ciry, Henan Provincet has been a professional crushers making manufacturer for over 35 yearsy factorys main crushers include roller type crusher, blade crusher, hammer crusher, scissors crusher, etchese crushers can crush ore, stone, grass, leaves, glass, plastic, metal, wood wastes, etcIf you are interest in my factory, please contact me freelyRelated ProductsProducts Name with link91 Response RateProducts Name with link91 Response RateProducts Name with link91 Response Rate.

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