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Grinding Ball Milling Machine China

China Cement Milling Equipment Small Grinding Ball Mill Gold Mining Wet Ball Mill Machine With Good Price

Hello boss, I am very honored that our products have been chosen by you, we will do our best to help you solve your troublesApplicable materialIt is suitable for grinding all kinds of ore and other materialst is widely used in black, non-ferrous metal mines, non-metallic mines, building materials, chemicals, electricity, coal, transportation, light industry and other industriesProduct advantages1t has strong adaptability to the fluctuation of material physical properties such as particle size, moisture, hardness, etcand has a large production capacity2he pulverization ratio is large generally 300 or more, and it can reach 1000 or more when performing ultrafine grinding, the fineness of the product is fine, and the particle gradation is easy to adjust3t can adapt to different situations dry work, wet work, dry work and grinding can be combined at the same time open road grinding, closed circuit grinding4he sealing is good, it can be operated under negative pressure, and the working place is free from dust and flying5t is biased towards large-scale, which can meet the needs of large-scale production of modern enterprisesProduct parameters ModelBall loadtFeeding sizemmDischarging sizethCapacitythPowerkWDimensionmmWeighttMQG600x180001004-00100x1624x10702QG900x180012004-02154196x2300x19855QG900x300022004-03226170x2034x20747QG1200x240042504-04306520x2850x25409QG1200x450052504-06458820x3070x263013QG1300x400052504-0-6457661x2720x210014QG1500x350082504-0-6908500x3100x210017QG1500x4500102504-0-8959680x3200x211422QG1500x5700122504-0-1011010440x3200x211426QG1500x6400132504-0-1213011140x3200x211429QG1830x3600122504-0-101307880x4000x337031QG1830x5400152504-0-202109880x4685x375033QG1830x6400192504-0-2521011710x4685x375036QG1830x7000202504-0-3024512320x4685x375039QG2100x3600212504-0-202109016x4510x372043QG2100x4500262504-0-3528010187x4685x372053QG2200x3600222504-0-2524510026x4690x380047QG2200x4500272504-00-3028011230x4700x380054QG2200x7500352504-00-4038014580x5465x421068QG2200x9000362504-00-4547515180x5465x421076QG2400x3600262504-00-4028010500x3900x390063QG2400x7000362504-00-4547513520x5700x420082QG2700x3600392504-03-753809965x5496x414086QG2700x4500432504-03-9047511139x5496x414091QG3200x3600562504-00-8063011360x7200x6000127QG3200x4500652504-00-9080013000x7300x5700138QG3200x5400722504-00-100100016000x6650x5700146QG3200x9000852504-00-100125017500x8200x6400168Principle and StructureThe ball mill is a horizontal rotating device transmitted by the outer geare materials are transferred to the grinding chamber through the quill shaft uniformlyhere are ladder liner and ripple liner and different specifications of steelball in the chamberhe centrifugal force caused by rotation of barrel brings the steelball to a certain height and impact and grind the materialshe ground materials are discharged through the discharging board thus the grinding process is finishedStructural Features 1he main bearing adopts a large-diameter double-row self-aligning stick bearing to replace the original sliding bearing, which reduces friction and reduces energy consumption, and the mill is easy to start 2he end cover structure of the ordinary mill is retained, and the large-diameter inlet and outlet ports have a large processing capacity 3he feeder is divided into two types a combined feeder and a drum feederhe structure is simple and the body is installed separately 4ithout inertial impact, the equipment runs smoothly, and the maintenance time of the mill stop and stop is reduced, and the efficiency is improvedring Tips 1he main bearings of the mill can be used as sliding bearings, rolling bearings and plain bearings 2he mill liner can be made of wear-resistant metal lining, rubber lining, magnetic lining and alumina lining high aluminum lining 3t can be equipped with slow speed drive, high and low pressure lubrication station, transmission gear automatic injection lubrication device, jacking device and PLC control systemPacking and shipping.

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