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The froth flotation in mineral processing plantflotation machine is widely used for roughing, concentrating and recovering flotation of nonferrous metals that include copper, lead, zinc, nickel and molybdenum, ferrous metal, It can also be used for separating nonmetallic mineralsike coal and fluoriteThe SF froth flotation in mineral processing plant is undoubtedly the most important and versatile mineral processing technique and its application is being expanded to treat greater tonnages and to cover new areasn flotation cell concentration, the mineral is usually transferred to the froth, or float fraction, leaving the gangue in the pulp or tailingoth flotation in mineral processing plant froth flotation in mineral processing plantFeatures of froth flotation in mineral processing plant 1arge air-absorption capacity2ow energy consumption3ess reagents consumption4asy to maintenance and can be designed according to the users5very cell owns three functions air absorption, slurry absorption, and floatation separation, and the cells form a floatation separation loop by itself without any auxiliary equipment, and is allocated horizontally, which favors the change of flow6he impeller has backward-inclined upper and lower vanes, which produce upper and lower circulation of mineral slurry respectivelyStructureThe froth flotation in mineral processing plant s impeller is driven by V-belts, which can bring the centrifugal effect to form the negative pressuren the one hand, to inhale sufficient air to mix with ore pulp on the other hand to stir ore pulp and mix with medication to form the mineralized frotho adjust the height of flashboard to control the liquid level and make the useful froth scraped by loam boardAt the same time, refine the bubble, and make the minerals conglutinate on the bubble, and then float on the surface of the ore pulp, to form the mineralized bubbleAdjust the height of the flashboard, control the liquid level, and make the useful bubble scrapped by the scraper bladeoth flotation in mineral processing plant froth flotation in mineral processing plan.

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