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Dicks Knife Grinder

Automatic Knife Grinder

1,Product features Rolling positioning linear guide, the surface of a high quality wear-resistant steel tape, transmission stability, reliable, long service life Focus on the device, to achieve a one-time refueling, save time and convenient The work table is adjusted by worm gear, transmission ratio is accurate, and the transmission efficiency is high Polishing head, combined wool polishing wheel, completely remove the knife, knife edge to improve gloss, prolonging the service life of the blade optional Electromagnetic sucker knife, with super suction, and has the function of demagnetization of the delay, the positioning is reliable, easy to operate, working efficiency high Special grinding motor, adjustable axial clearance, smooth transmission, grinding quantity, long service life, high precision Longmen style bed, which is soldered using high-quality steel, after heat treatment and precision machining, good precision Bearing, electrical components using the top brands, to ensure product reliability, security The reciprocating stroke of the equipment is advanced, efficient, and buffer device patent product of the pin gear reducer with transmission and rack gear drive 2,Parameter ProjectunitMDD-GAutomatic knife grinding machinekey parameterMotor powerGrinding head motorKW5WLifting motorKW0 KWTraveling MotorKW0 KWGrinding speedRmin1450rminTravel speedMmin416mminGrinding lengthmm1000mm-6500mmGrinding widthmm200mmGrinding wheel dimensionsmm200*110*150Grinding angle ajustment90 Feed controlMechanical feedvariable frequency feedWork straightnessmmm0mmm3,Application industryWidely used in papermaking, printing, textile, food, forestry, plastic, wood, tool machinery, sanitary, musical instruments, in the center for small knife etcndustries of various types of tool grinding and manufacturing.

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