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Crusher Disk Feed

Small Farm Used Corn Cob Grinding Machine Wheat Bran Disk Grinder For Animal Feed

Introduction of grain crusher machine9FZ series Grain crusher machine are our companys new products which can guarantee the finished product standard, and overcome the inconvenience of the uneven finenesshe internalfinish is the standard stainless steel mesh, sieve mesh number can be made and chosen accordingto your requirement he grinding device has small size, easy packing, simple operation and no dust pollution, which are the best machines for the choice of milling flour equipmentsere is one host machine on the engine basend the main machine includes machine body and valves which makes up the crushing roomhere are bearings and main shafts inside the machineFeaturesThe advantage of grain crusher machine1This grain machine is suitable for grinding corn, beans, grains and wheat and other grainmaterials ,can also be used for cutting, 2grinding sweet potato,potato and other lumps and dry sweet potatostraw and other crude fiber grain crusher is an ideal feed processing equipment in farms,and an good helper for people to gain wealthThis grain machine owns good adaptability, and is capable of grinding, sorghum, maize straw, peanuts, etcIt can also be used for potato beatingaintenance is convenientIt is easy to operate, no need of fixed foundation, facilitates flow homeworkWhats more, it has high efficiency,less consumption and little noiseecificationsParameter of Animal feed grain crusher ModelFZ-160FZ-200FZ-250FZ-280FZ-300AMotor1w12w2w23kw3kwPower supply220v220v220v220v220vWeight2630354555Motor speed2800rmin2800rmin2800rmin2800rmin2800rminVee beltA1000-A1050A1100-A1150A1100-A1150A1200-A1250A1250-A1300Capacity300-800kgh500-1000kgh700-1600kgh800-2200kgh900-2500kghMachine PicturesContact Information.

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