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A C Magnetic Separator For Black Sand

China Top Silica Sand Magnetic Separator With Fast Delivery

Product presentionCTB wet semi-countercurrent magnetic separator is suitable for cleaning and cleaning of strong magnetic materials with particle size below 0m for wet separation of ores, especially for the selection of minerals with particle size of 00mmr remove the strong magnetic minerals mixed from non-magnetic mineralsTB wet semi-countercurrent magnetic separator can obtain high quality iron concentrate and good recovery rate, so semi-countercurrent magnetic separator has been widely used in production practicehis machine can continuously feed and discharge, the magnetic field intensity is large, the magnetic field gradient is high, and has high processing abilityan be multiple series and parallel connection, to achieve multiple cleaning and selectionhe principle is that when the pulp enters the magnetic field area, the strong magnetic minerals are adsorbed on the surface of the cylinder, the weak magnetic and non-magnetic minerals are washed and discharged by the flow, while the magnetic minerals adsorbed on the cylinder surface rotate with the cylinder, are brought out of the magnetic field area, washed into the concentrate trough with flushing water, and the separation operation is completedin technical param modelCylinder sizeMagnetic induction intensity on the surface of cylinderGShandling capacitypowerCylinder speedTotal machine weightKWrminkgTube diameter * cylinder lengthSweep selection averageMaximum magnetic induction intensityDry ore quantityPulp quantitymmThM3hCTB-44400*4001000-45002000-70001-2315350CTB-46400*6001-3515600CTB-66600*6005-101610705CTB-69600*9008-152410830CTB-612600*120010-20120960CTB-618600*180015-3048201340CTB-712750*120015-30483351500CTB-718750*180020-45723352100CTB-918900*180025-55904282900CTB-924900*240035-701104283500CTB-10181050*180040-75120524000CTB-10211050*210045-88140524500CTB-10241050*240052-100160525000CTB-10301050*300065-125200726200CTB-12181200*180047-90140595800CTB-12241200*240082-120192796200CTB-12301200*300080-150240797200CTB-15301500*300090-17027011148100CTB-15401500*4000115-22035011149300NOTE1cording to the installation orientation, there are two kinds of structures left and right 2e magnetic induction intensity on the surface of the cylinder is determined according to the different requirements of iron content in different mineralse magnetic field intensity range from 1000GS to 7000GS can be fabricatedlated ProductsPackaging ShippingAbouts UsA large number of experience and database our company for metal non-metallic m powder, m powder slurry has quite sufficient experience and a large number of experimental data, iron removal in this kind of materials has a unique .

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