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Wet Ball Mill Machine Nylon

Sqm-4l High Quality Wet Grinding Laboratory Ball Mills 100ml Polyurethane Jars

Planetary ball mill is mixed, fine grinding, sample preparation, dispersion of nano material, new product development and small batch production of high technology materials necessary devicehe product has the advantages of small volume, complete function, high efficiency, low noise, scientific research units, universities, corporate laboratories to obtain micro particles of sample each experiment can also get four samples the ideal equipment is equipped with vacuum ball milling tank, under the vacuum state grinding specimendelUniteRelative partsPlanetary ball mill machine1 setMain MachineGrinding jar4 or 2 jarsstainless steel,zirconia,agate,tunguest carbide or others for optionalinding balls2kgsstainless steel,zirconia,agate,etcSealing rings24according to grinding jars qtySieve1pcnormally with 200 mesh sieveThe content about planetary ball mill machineOne set whole plaentary ball mill machine including the main device,4 station grinding bucket,each grinding bucket can be put relative jars,each jars can be put the test grinding raw material and grinding ballsw to select the grinding jars and balls,will be depend on your test raw materialke,if you want to grinding herbs,the the input herbs size should be less than 10mm,our planetary grinding ball mill accept dry grinding,wet grinding and vacuum grindingscription of application effectProduct Application1gricultural Plant material, seed, soil, tobacco, wood fiber2iological Bones, hair, paper towels3eramic and glass Ceramic oxide and clay minerals, glass,4uilding materials Bentonite, cement clinker, polymer, gypsum, sand, stone5nvironmental research The mixture, electronic chips, sludge, waste6ineral and metallurgical and metal electrons Alloys, coal, coke, iron ore, metal oxide, quartz, semi-precious stone, slag, magnetic materials, etcDetailed ImagesWorking Principle Planetary Ball Mill has four ball grinding tanks installed on one turntablehen the turntable rotates, the tank axis makes planetary movements, the balls and samples inside the tanks are impacted strongly in high speed movement, and samples are eventually ground into powderarious kinds of different materials can be ground by the mill with dry or wet methodinimum granularity of ground powder can be as small as 0mize InformationTechnical Parameter for select the suitable model and jar capacityModelTotal volumeCapacitymlJars QtyPieceRemarksSQM1L1L50-1004with 50-100ml vacuum ball milling tankSQM2L2L50-5004with 50-250ml vacuum ball milling tankSQM4L4L50-10004with 100-250ml vacuum ball milling tankSQM8L8L500-20004with 250-1000ml vacuum ball milling tankSQM-1212L1000-30004with 500-2000ml vacuum ball milling tankSQM-1616L1000-40004with 500-3000ml vacuum ball milling tankSQM-20L20L1000-50004with 1000-4000ml vacuum ball milling tankSQM-40L40L4000-100004with 3000-9000ml vacuum ball milling tankModelPowerMotor powerFreqowerThe revolutionRotationNoisedbrunning timeSQM-1L220V 50HZ0kw0kw30-40060-80060db1-9999hSQM-2L220V 50HZ1w1w30-40060-80060db1-9999hSQM-4L220V 50HZ1w1w30-40060-80060db1-9999hSQM-8L220V 50HZ1w1w30-28060-56060db1-9999hSQM-12L220V 50HZ1w1w30-26060-52060db1-9999hSQM-16L380V 50HZ2w2w30-26060-52060db1-9999hSQM-20L380V 50HZ3w3w30-23060-46060db1-9999hSQM-40L380V 50HZ3w3w30-18060-36070db1-9999hRelated ProductsHow to select the suitable ball mill machine with jars and ballse set completely Planetary ball mill machine including main machine grinding jars grinding ballsFor example1lanetary ball mill machine ,you can select the main machine size like SQM-0, SQM-1L SQM-2L etc according to you real capacity requirements for selection Then according to you grinding raw material select thee grinding jars,we have stainless steel jars,zirocnia jars,agate jars,tungest carbide alloy jars,PU jars,Nylon jars etcThe third you can select suitable grinding balls,usually we have stainless steel balls,zirocnia balls,agate balls,tungest carbide alloy balls,PU balls,Nylon ball jars etcM-2L main machine with vacuum stainless steel jars 250ml As the above specification,SQM-0 can match common stainless steel jars 100ml, but cant match vacuum jarshile SQM-2L can match the small vacuum jars 250mlhe following pictures about main machine SQM-2L with vacuum stainless steel jars and balls for referenceher jars and balls for selectionExcept stainless steel jars, vacuum stainless steel jars, stainless steel balls, we have others grinding jars, like zirconia, agate, PU, Tungsten carbide alloy, Nyloncording to grinding raw material, we have different project for you to choose fromckingShippingWooden package special for export,inside with bubble bags for protection,outside with wooden for transportationter Sales ServiceAfter sale ServiceWe have on line sales manager will according to your pointed question,slove the simply matters while if the sales cant slove the problem,then we will arrange for technical for help to respond the question within 3hrsCompany IntroductionChangsha Samy Instruments Equipment Cotd is a professional high-tech Company,engaged in research development,manufacturingand marketing of laboratory instruments,we have laboratory planetary ball mill,centrifuge and other serieslaboratory test products th the tenet"Quality is Life", our company has established an impeccable quality management system,and taken the lead of our industry in passing the ISO90012008 quality management system certification,CE compliant and ISO13485 medical apparatus and instruments quality management system certificationoducts of our company are widely applied in the fields of manufacturing and scientific research,such as military industry,science research institutions,institutions of higher education,central blood banks,hospitals,biological,products, pharmacy,bio-chemical,examination,agricultural,science,environmental protection,petrifaction,etcmy Company TeamWe have special before order sales,after sales service,shipment sales service and technical service staffs on line slove your mattersQBefore orderProfessional .

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