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Indonesia Wood Chips Cassava Chips Coffee Grounds Drying Machine Rotary Dryer With Output Capacity 6 Tonsh

Jingjiang Starlight three cylinder rotary dryer adopts the advanced technology from Germany, combined three concentric cylinders with different diameters, according to mathematical relations and structural formshe thermal efficiency of the dryer can be greatly improved with the full use of the waste heat, reducing the lost of heatmpared with single cylinder dryer with the same specifications, the thermal efficiency is increased by 40%-55%, energy consumption saving doublesecause of the unique structure of multi-layer sleeve drying machine, the length of the tube is 13, the base area saves 65%he investment is reducede main application field of three cylinder rotary dryer is to dry the Quartz Sand, Sawdust, Wood Chips, Bamboo Chips, Crushed Straw, Coffee Grounds, Mushroom Chips, Intestinal Dregs, Lees, Coal and so onitable Material For DryingSawdustWood ChipsBamboo ChipsCrushed StrewCoffee GroundsMushroom DregsLeesCoal ChipsQuartz SandIntestinal DregsSpecificationSpecificationProductionkghourEvaporation of waterkghourDimensionslength*width*heightEnergy DemandSG-10800-10007002300573070104SG-201500-2000150023007340150104SG-302500-30002100240010460210104SG-403500-40002800280010660280104SG-504500-50003500295012170320104SG-605500-60004200330012420420104Working TheoryWorking Theory Of Three Pass DryerThe three pass rotary dryer is made of three layer, inner layer, middle layer and the outer layert uses the hot wind as heat sourcehe hot wind enters into the dryer from the inner layer and comes out from the outer layern the surface of each layer, there are set many lifting platesith the rotating of the dryer and lifting plates, the raw material will be constantly liftnder interaction of the hot wind and the lifting plate, the material will get dried efficientlyicture From Clients WorkshopChina Starlight ProfileJingjiang Starlight Dry Equipment-production CoLtds backbone enterprise specializing in the production of sets of drying equipmente have complete mechanical equipment and perfect testing meansur company has always been guided by the market and combined with the scientific and technological strength of many scientific research institutes in Chinaith excellent products and service customers trust and support, we have introduced advanced production technology, developed and produced a variety of new and efficient drying equipmentOur servicePre-saleWe act as a good advicer and assist you1scuss the technical details2lp you to choose the equipment model3ve you the resonable drying design and priceAfter-saleWe assure you1oduce the equipment on time2od packaging to protect the equipment3chnician Assist Installation4ain technical personnal for youGood packaging Before DeliveryTechnician Assist InstallationTrain .

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