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Technical ParametersDescriptionOperating Voltage380VVoltage frequency50HZTotal weight380KGDimensions900mm*900mm*2100mmDriving wheel maximum size500mmMaximum linear speed of the rope25sRope drive maximum power18wproduct descriptionDD-220 electric wire saw is a new generation of automatic reinforced concrete cutting equipment designed and developed by our company in combination with concrete construction characteristics, product humanization and product appearancehe machine is powerful and uses a specially customized non-standard motor as the power source to ensure cutting efficiency and economyhe operation flexibility is relatively large, the difficulty is very low, the cut is straight and tidy during construction, no trimming treatment is required, and it can be cut in reinforced concrete, ceramics, glass, steel plate, no vibration during operation, low noise, accurate positioning, no dust, High efficiency, can cut complex sections widely used in reinforcement and transformation, housing, floor, beam, column and other cutting and demolition industriesComponent description1ain machine The main part is cuthe main motor provides the turning power required for cutting the diamond chainhe small motor provides the power needed to cut and tighten the diamond chainhe large plate drives the diamond chain to rotate Double universal wheel optional, used when changing the cutting directionireless remote control wired controller control large motor, small motor, total power control, other information displayhe diamond cutting chain optional is recommended to use the special matching diamond cutting chain provided by the company to achieve maximum economic efficiencyAfter Sales ServiceWarrantydescription1ain motor 6 months warranty except for human reasonsf missing, overload, under pressure, water, etcub-motor 6 months warranty except for human reasons, such as missing items, overload, under pressure, water intake, etclectric box The inverter is guaranteed for 6 months except for human reasonsf the power supply is wrong, the voltage is not within the rated range, etcthe electrical box is not waterproof, resulting in damage to the original device 4ther vulnerable electrical components warranty 3 monthsCompany IntroductionJianhu Qiyuan Power Equipment CoLtdas strong faculty, rich .

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