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Pioneer Chemistry Of Class Of Forth Flotation Proc

Chemistry Updated Short Path Distillation Of Essential Oil

Chemistry updated distillation of essential oilAt lab1st, we provide turnkey solution for short path distillationhe entire kit includes a magnetic stirring heating mantle, glassware kit for short path distillation, cold trap, heaterchiller for precise cooling of condenser and necessary accessoriestubes, lab jack, etcchnical Futures5L short path distillation kitOur short path distillation kit has a high quality and heavy duty borosilicate 3glass for durabilityncluding short path distillation head , 2L round bottom evoporator, distillation cow receiver, 1 to 1 or 1 to 3, round bottom flask receiver and some other accessoriesout round bottom size and distillation head angle, it is convenient we can do customizedass cold trapGCT-01 class cold trap is very important, it can protect the vocuum pump from contamination and damage of vaporsass cold trap includes Dewer style class cold trap with 38 hose barbs, 3520 joint, PTFE cover, 1L receiving flask, 3520, stainless steel lab clamp, 3520, stainless steel lab jack, 15x15cm, clamp holder, chain clamp, lab support standotary vane oil pump pumping rate 5CFM, 2LS vacuum stage dual-stage vacuum level 1pa10 micron power 370w working temperature -5 to 40 C votage 110v 60hz or 220v 5060hz dimensions 514x168x282mm CE compliance yes Desktop precise heaterchiller Temperature range -5 to 95 C Temperature Accuracy - 0 reservoir volume 6L reservoir dimension 250x200x150mm pump capacity Max 4Lmin dimension 350x400x690mm electricity 220v single-phaseTechnical datas Chemistry updated distillation of essential oil Part Description Specification Quantity Round bottom flask for evaporation 5L, 3-neck, hand blown, 3445 1 Short Path Distillation Head Vacuum Jacketed, 3445 1 Screw Thermometer Inlet Adapter 2440 1 Thermometer Inlet Adapter 1420 1 Distillation Cow Receiver 1 1-to-3, 2440 1 Distillation Cow Receiver 2 1-to-1, 2440 1 Round Bottom Flask for receiving 500ml, 1-neck, hand blown, 2440 2 Round Bottom Flask for receiving 1000ml, 1-neck, hand blown, 2440 1 Glass Funnel 4" opening, 2440 1 Keck Clamp 1 2440, Stainless Steel 3 Keck Clamp 2 2440, Plastic 4 Cork Ring Stand for Flask 1 110mm 3 Cork Ring Stand for Flask 2 160mm 1 glass cold trap GCT-01 1 Desktop precise heaterchiller 6L, -5 to 95C 1 Rotary vane oil pump 5CFM2LS, 2-stage, 110v 1Packing Delivery1r wooden box will not be heavy, but can protect all parts, the shipping cost will be better for youit is flexiable and can be customized our wooden boxes are based on our customer requirements, product weights and sizew to supportFor a lab equipment, the most valuable is the quality configuration and after sales support1l glassware test by china authorities certification our products getGreen product certification,China famous product certification andISO9001 quality management system certificationAll machine dispatched from Lab1st must be test by 3 timeshe first time is the PR deparment,then test again by the QC deparment, and then the machine must be test again by our DS deparmentto guarantee each machine working perfect before delivery3ch machine will deliver with User manual, machine label, Serier Noto guarantee the customer can get the machine without quality problem, custom clearance problem and delivery problem provide 13month guarantee since the shipping date, all faulty spare parts can be exchanged for free at the first timehavecompletelyenglishinstructionvideoandmanualforyougineer fly to your site for final repair if neededr factoryLabfirst Scientific Instruments Cotd Shanghai, ChinaLabfirst Scientific LAB1ST was founded and based in Shanghai, specializing in the manufacturing and sales of glass-related equipments from lab scale to production scalee work hard to provide high quality yet low cost products to our customers in universities, research labs and production facilities from all over the worldl the glass-related equipments glass reactors, rotary evaporators, thermo-regulators are manufactured in our production facility in Shanghaihat helps us keep constant control over product quality and allows us to store a significant inventory of productsMost of our standard products are in stock and ready to shipWith more than 20 years of experience on glass blowing, we provide a comprehensive range of products from lab glassware to industry-grade glass reactors up to 200L and evaporators up to 50Lith the help of our experienced scientific glassblowers, we are able to quickly build customized glassware and prototype equipments, based on your sketch or pictures are proud to guarantee that, with our strong technical background and communication capability, our salessupport engineers are able to answer your most complicated .

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