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Making Review Of Ball Milling Ppt

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IntroductionA Ball Mill is a type of grinder used to grind materials into an extremely fine powder mainly for use in the mineral processing industryall Mills can grind various ores and other materials either wet or dry, depending on requirementsall Mills consist of a large cylinder which slowly rotates around a horizontal axishe cylinder is partially filled with the material to be ground plus the grinding medium metal grinding ballsnside the cylinder, the medium will be lifted to a certain height under the action of centrifugal force and then drop or fall, grinding the ore in between the balls as they interacteed material to be ground enters the cylinder via a hopper on one end and after being crushed by the grinding medium is discharged at the other endAdvantages1gged construction and reliable operation2mplified installation, adjustment and maintenance3 Large and continuous grinding capacity4ficient and energy saving ModelDrum sizeSpeedBall WeightFeed sizeOutput sizeCapacityPowerWeightmrmintmmmmthkwtMQZ09180180-2004-02225MQZ12241214-2004-06513MQZ12451415-2004-0127517QZ15301327-2504-016518QZ155715950-2504-0-2513024MQZ164514740-2504-0-2413026MQZ183613310-2504-0-4015533MQZ18641638-2504-0-6021035QZ213023239-2504-03621045MQZ213623370-2504-0-6121046QZ226526180-2504-0-3524062MQZ2430232222-2504-0-9224067MQZ2436232280-2504-0-9524073MQZ2465262360-2504-0-11031076MQZ273623190-2504-03-14540077MQZ274024130-2504-03-15040091MQZ2836230420-2504-05-14040094AQ1w is the quality of your products?mining equipmentmachineAnswerOur products are manufactured strictly according to national and international standard, and we will take a test on every grinder before deliveryGuaranteedAnswerAll of our productsare guaranteed for one yearIf products quality is not consistent with the description as we described or the promise before you place order, we promise 100% refundHow about price?AnswerFor the complete same machine, we can promise our quality is the best when the price same as other competitors, and our price can be lowest when the quality at standard levelService and Payment Terms?AnswerWe can accept TT and LC30%deposit, 70% balance before delivery, which is international tradepractice Finished product pictures will provide to customers before deliveryContactsIf you are interested with our products, please dont hesitate to contact usou can tell me the following questions,so that wecan send you accurate quotation soon,includingextra discounts1hich machine do you need? like gold washing machine,spiral chute, vibrating screen, Jig separator, Shaking table, etc2hat is your raw material plan to process? likegold ore, diamond ore, tantaliteore or inron ore, etc3he capacity you need? Like 100 tones per hour or 2000 tones per day4our contact information? Both Email and phone number are essential, we can contact you easier.

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