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Kolkata High Pressure Micro Powder Grinder Pdf

Herbal Medicine Powder Grinder

ZFJ Seris Chinese herbal Medicine Powder Grinder Main ApplicationThe machine is applied in industries such as pharmaceutics, foodstuff, chemicals and etc, with features of cool air and no sieve or screent is not limited by the viscosity, hardness, softness or fiber shape of the raw materials, and has good effect to all materials, especially to those Chinese herbal medicines with fibers and those with oils Working MethodThe machine is composed of feeder,grading wheel, pulverizing blades,gears, pulvering motor, discharging gate, collection box, dust collection box and ectny raw material, being fed into the grind chamber through the upper feeder, is pulverized by high-speed running bladeshe fineness of the finished products is regulated via the distance adjustment of grading wheel and grading platehe high-speed running fans will lead those pulverized remained in the chamberhe ber to discharge gate via negative pressure while whose unpulverized material in the chamberhe dust from grinding is filtered and recycled via the cloth bag or filter of the dust absorption boxhe whole machine, designed according to "GMP" standard, is made of stainless steel, with the features of easy structure, convenient operation and cleaning, low noise and high capacity, avoiding dust flying in production .

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