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Garnet Sand Buyers In India

China Supply Garnet Abrasive Sand

Garnet abrasive sandGarnet sand is made of garnet as raw materialt is a kind of iron-aluminum silicate with moderate hardness, high melting point and stable chemical propertiesccording to different products and structures, it presents different colors, such as dark red, brown red, pink and blackidely used in optical industry, electronic industry, machinery industry, oil and gas and other industriesPhysical Chemical Real specific34cm3Bulk density12cm3Hardness78Chloride content25PPMAcid solubilityHCL1%Conductivity25 msmMelting point1300Shapesub angularSiO234-38%Fe2O3FeO25-33%Al2O317-22%MgO4-6%CaO1-9%MnO0-1%Na2O0-1%TiO20-1% Typical Mineral ContentAlmandine Garnet92-96%Ilmenite1Omphacite1Rutile0Quartz0Hornblende0Free Silica1%Application1and blasting and rust removal for steel structure, hull and bridge2ater knife cutting for metal, stone and glass3, chemical, petroleum, water treatment filter media4rinding of marble, optical lens, glassware, leather and other materials5aw materials of grinding wheel, whetstone, emery cloth and sandpaper6, highway pavement, runway, wear-resistant rubber, anti-skid paint and other wear-resistant materials7, widely used in the construction industry, high-grade real stone paint exterior decoration interior decoration temperament noble and elegantdeal new non - abrasion resistant aggregateProduction equipmentCompany InformationHenan sicheng Abrasives Cotdwas established in 2009t covers the area of 10 yearsith updated new equipment, our factory can produce Garnet sand 15,000 tons per year, Brown Fused Alumina 15,000 tons per year and Slilicon carbide 2,000 tons per yeart is one of the high grade abrasive grains production base in China have our ownindividuallaboratory, the testing method for particle size is laser measuring methodrom raw material choosing and purchasing, production processes, to market sales, we all have very high standardshich makes our products very popular among Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, Middle East and European countriesWhy choose us1e are a manufacturer, which can control the costeasier than trade company also can give you answer more quickly2s a manufacturer, we know much in technique and can give you more support in technique problem3Professional and experienced service team, specialized in abrasive production ,more than 10 years4r products are completeinspecificationswith variousofsizes5e enjoy agoodreputationinthecustomersindomesticandoverseasmarkets6arge production capacity, short lead time of products74*7 online service.

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