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Difference Between Filter And River Sand

Recycled Water Filter Glass Sand For Water Treatment

Product DisplayProduct Application1nd blasting to reduce Component Fatigue2lean Metal Surface,etal cleaning and Polishing3se for Additive in Rubber, Plastic, Oil paintingAdvantages1ficiently cleans steel, aluminum, wood, concrete, stone, fiberglass2cellent replacement to silica sand3cellent for use as a separator or barrier with concrete pavers and formsA layer of 2040 crushed glass prevents concrete forms from sticking to each other during the curing process and can be swept into the grout cracks during installationGlass blast will leave a clean, bright finish to metal surfaces5cellent for achieving an aggressive profile for coatings, including cathodic protection and overlay performance6ass delivers very low particle embedment less than 2% which produces a whiter sp-10 finish to the substrateLighter weight than most abrasivesContractors report back that they use at least 25% less abrasive some say up to 50% less when using glass as compared to mineral slagsSAFE- no free silica, is chemically inert and non toxic, heavy metal free in most casesInert - can use it around water10hs hardness of 6- similar to slagsperior rust-back performance when compared with mineralslag abrasivesny tests confirm less dust when blasting with glass vs mineral slags - up to 31% less dust generated3ntains no beryllium like mineral slags doiform density15st is translucent No visual barrier to the blasting operator and does not leave black "Dust" All over6great alternative to coal slagContains no beryllium and will not leave black dust all overeat for thick, softer coatings because it is a lighter weight abrasiveIt does not "Bounce" Back off the surfacet cuts it like a knifeeat for concrete and leaves no residue, discoloration, odor, imbedding, or ferrous impingementcellent additive for seal coating operations20cellent replacement for soda blasting due to its lower cost and it will not leave a ph imbalance on the substrate which often requires a ph wash solution so that the paint will adhereGlass will also cut through rust, and soda blast will notcellent replacement for corn cob blasting log homes as it will not embed into the wood, and thus you do not have to hand sand after blastingthis can equate to an 80% time savings over corn cob20% recycled post-consumer bottle glass it is a green abrasive 100% recycled glassProduct Details mmHardnessProfileFormulaApplications00m61 2 milMed FinePaint and rust removal log homes boat bottoms00m61 2 milMediumPaint and rust removal pools00m62 3 milMediumCourseStubborn Paint and rust removal015mm63 milCoarseHeavy duty sandblastingCompany AdvantagesPackaging ShippingPacking1 or 1 Metric TonsBag, 20 Bags20CN, other packing is available as per requestuch as small pack as 15KGbag, 20KGbag or 25KGbag etcmpany InformationHi Chipper Glass Factory,ISO9001 manufacturer, was set upin 2005t islocated in the biggest port city in North China-Qingdao, about 10km only from Qingdao international seaport and 30KM only from Qingdao International airporthe logistics and transportation is convenient and fastHi Chipper Glass Factory is the Guider in Recycled Glass Industry in China, it covers 30,000SQM land area and 65employee work herei Chipper specializes in the production and sale of crushed glass and crushed mirror, the products include crushed mirror, crushed clear glass, crushed colored glass, glass stone, glass rock, fire pit glass and glow-in-dark glass,the monthly capacity is around 4000 Metric TonsOur products are used widely in engineered stone, terrazzo, tile, concrete, water filter media, sandblasting media, fire pit, landscaping and many other industries around the worlduture Depends on Responsibility" is our Corperate Core Culture, Hi Chipper believes in that Corporate should be responsible for its staff, should be responsible for its clients and should be responsible for the societyi Chipper would be your reliable partner for long-term relationWe carry our mission to make contribution for the progress of humanity and society, we devote ourselves into theenvironmental-frindly career, toturn the recycled glass into valuable products, We are proud of our mission to make a more beautiful worldWelcome to visit usContact Us.

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