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Compare Lg Wp 610n Washing Machines And Lg Wp 750r

Top Quality Lg Inlet Angle Valve Washing Machine

A wear-resistant as the hard seal inlet valve washing machine is alloy steel spray, the seal is alloy steel surfacing, so the hard seal inlet valve washing machine does not produce too much wear and tear in the switchIts hardness coefficient is 65-70Second, the sealing performance is good due to the seal of the hard seal inlet valve washing machine is manually grinded until the valve core and seal completely matcho his sealing performance is reliableree switch light As the bottom of the hard seal inlet valve washing machine seal ring with the spring so tightly with the valve core, so the external force exceeds the spring preload when the switch is very lightur long service life It has been widely used in petroleum, chemical, power generation, papermaking, atomic energy, aviation, rockets and other departments, as well as peoples daily lifell valve structure is compact, reliable sealing, simple structure, easy maintenance, the sealing surface and the spherical surface is often closed, easy to be media erosion, easy to operate and repair, suitable for water, solvents, acids and natural gas and other general working medium, mainly for Cut off or connect the medium in the pipeline, can also be used for fluid regulation and controlProduct parametersThe body uses iron coated sand casting process compared with the traditional technology, there is no swelling phenomenon, body wall thickness, no pores, trachoma material of high density, more exquisite appearance The valve body and stainless steel valve port in the casting process once molding, the valve port will not have deformation phenomenon, long time high temperature use will not exist outside the valve leakage phenomenon, to ensure that the valve port factory pressure test 0 leakagehis foundry technology has obtained national patent in our companyhe sealing ring is made of PTFE carbon fiber material, which has better wear resistance The paint paint line and drying equipment make the paint adhesion stronger, the anti-corrosion effect is better, the valve body gloss has been significantly improvedlated ProductsCompany InformationCompany exhibitionPackaging ShippingFAQContact information.

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