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Circular Vibrating Screen For Dry And Wet Material

Work In Dry And Wet Building Materials Vibrating Screen Sieve Used In Building Materials

Coca seed vibratory screening equipment with CE certificationhigh precision swing vibrating screening machine from China ModelYBS1000YBS1200YBS1600YBS2000YBS2600Diametermm10401250158018802650Sieving aream201122Floor spacem21ayers1-51-51-51-51-5Powerkw14245ilter accessories2layers2layers1layers1layers1layers YBSseries tumbler screen machine is a kind of inertial equipment with mature technology and classical applicationts new design and unique structure make it the closest manual screen machinehe Tumbler sieve machine have bright application prospects for its perfect screening effectrom the aspect of its trajectory, it is a non-linear inertial vibrating screenThe XF screening machine uses ranges of professional designs to reach customers extremely demandCleaning system with balls, air, ultrasonic is equipped to prevent blinding and maintain easilyading up to 6 particle sizes, achieving 99% separating accuracyasonable acceleration, long-lasting parts, reduced maintenancess 75 decibels noisy, the optimized balance of balance, low dynamic load on the foundationINSPECTIONXF make strict inspections before producing, during producing, before shipmentnspection item include mesh size, mesh cloth tension, motor temprature, dimesion, noisy, vibration amplitude ectspection reach ISO 2194 Wire screens and plate screens for industrial purposes Nominal sizes of aperturesFood industry sugar, spices, starch, soybeans, salt, instant potatoes, animal feed, powdered milk, cereals and grains, tobacco, teff, instant coffee granules, chocolate powder, soybean flour, broth concentrate, potato granules, sugar beets, ice cream, fruit juices, vegetable and pickle canneries, soybean oilnstruction Industry sand, glass beads, plaster, abrasivesGritshot, boraxemical Industry fertilizer, rubber, polystyrene beads, paint, detergents, latex, catalyst, caseincycle animal blood, paper effluent, brewer yeast, sewage, manure, brewery waste, laundry waste, potato peelings and waste, tallow.

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