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Bakery Grinder Machine

Vertical Surface Grinder Machine

The vertical shaft rotary table grinders grind the workpiece with the end-face of the emery wheel is an efficient ,precision and stable machine toolis series of machine tool improved greatly in rigidity of the bed and grinder heading three point adjustment ed to choose proper fine grit grinding wheel when treat work-pieces that need highly polished and precisionecially for metallurgical industry,saw web,automobile ,tools and bearing industrys one kind of circular electromagnetic workbench,vertical grinding head use grinding wheel end surface to surface grindingPerformanceneed to choose proper fine grit grinding wheel when treat work-pieces that need highly polished and precisionoduct FeatureThe grinding wheel can be adjusted angle by the three supports on the uprightrinding wheel and work-table are drove by separate electromotorgnet workbench is speed promise,cooling adopt independent water tank,electric using independent switch boxuipped with automatic feeding device and hand wheel safely and quickly release deviceright ,grinding head and guide rail using steeled rail and chuckin precision the roughness of surface is over 0,and depth of parallelism is within 01000mmuipped with impeccable lubricating device and efficiency cooling liquid separating apparatus, adopted half-enclosed fittingn be customized according to the clients requirementsoduc Specification ModelM7450M7475BM74100M74125M74160M74180M74200M74225M74250Worktable diam5407801000125016001800200022502500Range of suctionNcm280-120Maxinding sizediamm500x300750x3001000x4001250x4001600x4001800x4002000x4002250x4002500x7450Grinding segment sizeH*W*Lmm150x60x25450x3801x52025x80x25025x80x25035x90x15035x90x15035x90x15035x90x15035x90x150Worktable size2411221224122416161015101510Bench move distancemm450570675810810105011801300Bench move speedmmin3Bench rotate motor powerkw2311ench move motor powerkw01peed of grinding head mainshaftrmin940980740740585585585585585Grinding head moving speedmmin00000000Motor power of grinding headkw222245457575909090Motor lifting power of grinding headkw000011112Manual vertical distance per revolution of grinding headmm0000000Vertical movement of grinding head per scale of dialmm000000000Vertical movement of grinding head per turn of dialmm1ump motor powerkw000000000Machine total powerkw25305050-6584848585106Weightkg467424582940ApplicationSpecially for metallurgical industry,saw web,automobile ,tools and bearing industryoduct ShowWarm TipOur company has many kinds of electric permanentmagnetic chucks, differenttargets, please reference selection guidelines beforeselectionrst determine the use of workpieceand use function,then choose different categories of productsectric permanent magnetic chuck is suitable for all kinds of large quantities of assembly line workre infolease contact Luci of the personnel of the service,ask about details,provide your demand, professional engineers will make plan for yountact Us.

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