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Specifiion Of Small Size Grinding Machines

Paint Grinding Machinethree Rolling Mill Machine For Ink

DescriptionThree roll mill is used for grinding and dispersing high viscosity and fineness materialt is widely used in printing inks, pigment, plastics and chocolates grinding testterial Viscosity 3,000,000cpsProduction Capacity 05kghApplication Fields Suitable for dispersing and grinding materials in industries such as ink, color paste, adhesive, biological, pharmacy, foodstuff, cosmetic, paint, photovoltaic material etcWorking PrincipleThe equipment consists of three rollers fixed on the frame and driven directly by the motorhe rotation direction between rollers is generally different, the former roller rotates forward, rear roller rotates backwardhe speed of former roller is quick, while speed of rear is slowhe mid roller is fixed, former and rear roller are mounted on the slide with spring devisedjust the distance between three rollers by hand wheelhe material, charged from space between rear roller and middle roller, are squeezed by the rollers to obtain smaller particle sizehen the material are rolled out by the fast rollRoll rotates at high speede scrapper at the fast roller separate materials from the roller and fall into the collection barrelsProduct Features1anually adjust roller clearance, simple and reliable structure2uitable for grinding high-viscosity material3ooling jacket roller design4ard steel roller material as standard5dopt gear rollers power transmission to get more stability and enduranceMain .

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