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Slon High Quality Magnetic Separator Manufacturer For Miernal Separation

Scope of Application1Mining process for weak magnetic minerals, such ashematite, limonite,siderite,ilmenite, chromite,wolframite,manganese, rare earths mineral,tantalum-niobium ores and etcDeironing for non-metallic minerals,such asquartz, feldspar,nepheline, fluorite, sillimanite, spodumene, kaolin and etcRecycle of secondary resource,such as red mud,smelting slags and etcOur Services1Pre-sale* variety of testsExperimental testing condition testingsedimentation testing* Professional suggestions for production flow design and equipment model selection based on the actual test results2n Sale* well-equippedfacilities, experienced process capability, strict management system to theproduction* Specialized foreign trade staffs for smooth arrngement to meet your target scheduleAfter Sale* On-site erection and commissioning to equipment and technical training for the operation staffs*Quick response to buyers enquiries and questions wihtin 24 hours through telephone, email, wechat, whatsapp or in this kind* Global on-site .

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