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Marble Stone Machinery

Cnc Water Jet Cutting Machine For Granite ,marble ,stone Materials

Products Description One full set of machine consists of cnc controller,worktable ,pump ,abrasive delivery system ,coolerther options chiller sullage removal system, water soften unitanghai Yuanhong Ultra High Pressure Waterjet Technology Co,d ,with many years experience in manufacturing waterjet spare parts Our products have quality guarantee CE ISO 2015 with a competitive price ,our main products as follow1terjet cutting pump and equipment waterjet intensifier pump direct drive pump ,and cutting table customized 2terjet cutting head and nozzles abrasive cutting pure waterjet cutting 3 axis 5 axis 3terjet spare partshigh pressure spare parts Shanghai Yuanhong CNC Water jet Cutting MachineCutting Area Choose6ft*9ft 4ft*9ft 6ft*13ft other size can be customizedHigh pressure pump typeDirect drive pump Intensifier pump420 mpa 60 000 psi Cutting head3 axis 0 small 5 axis 0-9 5 axis 0-45 Company Information Shanghai Yuanhong Team WE ARE A BIG FAMILY Team work is very important in our work is quite often that one is not able to carry out a job by itself needs more people to complete it together can say some importance jobs could not be done without teamworkr example,in a football match,very member plays a different role which is important,all members must cooperate with each other to fight against the opponent teamey can only win the match when they do good teamwork,or they will be defeated Application Advantages of Water Jet cuttingEnvironment friendlyWith Water and sand as cutting medium, no hazardous wastes are generated and the cutting process is environmental friendlygh thickness cuttingWater Jet can cut up to 170 mm Stainless Steel 250 mm Aluminium 300 mm Titaniumgh AccuracyWater Jet cutting machines can cut material with a positional accuracy of - 0 mme indicated value refer to a measured length of 1000 m at RT 20 C 1 C according to VDIDGQ3441chine virtually can cut any 2D shapeWater Jet can cut any 2 dimensional profile from most of the materialgh edge qualityLeaves a satin smooth finish thus reduces secondary operationsnimal or no fixtures requiredAs the force of the water jet is vertically down, no fixtures are required for most of the material due to negligible side forceshin sheets may require some weight to be placedSaves raw materialWhen machining or roughing out expensive materials such as titanium, the scrap still has a high valuehis is because they will give chunks, not chipst is possible to get more parts from the same material because of the abrasive jets low kerf width Customer Service With more than 10 years of management experience in custom manufacturing, Shanghai Yuanhong WaterJet is the right choice for your projects, both small and largee have served many industries including military, aerospace, marine, consumer products and completed projects for commercial, industrial and residential applicationsaterials that we have cut include glass, metal, rubber, wood, natural and man-made stone, resilient flooring material, carpeting, and many othersr a quality job done right there is only one choice Package Delivery We will control the quality of every spare parts before we send it out PackageIndustrial packing or single box wooden box pallent or as your requirementDelivery time10-15days after payment or as your requirementIf you buy waterjet spare parts,we will provide a soft package for your productsIf you buy large waterjet cutting equipment,we will provide wooden box for your products FAQ Water Jet cutting uses high pressure water to cut softer material like rubber and foamhen abrasives are added to high pressure water the resulting abrasive jets cuts harder material like steel, glass, titanium, hard rock, bullet-proof glass, and ceramics etche high pressure water is forced through a tiny orifice to concentrate high energy in a tiny area to cuthe water is pressurized using an intensifier pump to a pressure of 6200 bar 90,000 psi and forced through a tiny orifice of 0 mm to 0 mm diameter creating a high velocity of beamat materials can a waterjet cut ?Carbon , Fiber-Reinforced Plastics ,Glass-Reinforced PlasticsCarbon Steel, Stainless Steel ,Hardened Tool Steel, Alloys of All TypesAluminum ,Titanium ,Copper, Glass ,Stone, Concrete ,Ceramics, Rubberw thick will a water jet cut? In ourwaterjet test cuttinglab, weve cut metals as thick as 20", including 15" titaniumAs a matter of practicality, some shops limitmetal cutting with abrasive waterjetto around 5-6"ut weve seen plenty of examples of much thicker cutting, especially for exotic materials or for thick materials that must be cut to near net shape with no Heat Affected ZonePositioning accuracy vsolerance Waterjets can make parts to very tight tolerances and today some machines can create parts with a tolerance of as small as 01 05 mm, although 02 0 mm is perhaps more realistic in most cases A machine that can position the cutting head to within 01 05 mm might still produce parts accurate to only 05 0 mm.

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