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Limestone Crushing Into Calcium Carbonate Powder L

Limestone 98% Caco3 Calcium Carbonate Powder

We provide customized services, More offers click to contact us Contact US CalciumCarbonateNanoparticlesPropertiesCompoundFormulaCaCO3MolecularWeight100AppearancePowderMeltingPoint825CBoilingPointDecomposesCrystalPhaseStructureNATrueDensity2gcm3BulkDensity0gmlAverageParticleSize15-40nmSizeRangeNASpecificSurfaceAreaNAMorphologycubicorhexagonalAbout Calcium Carbonate NanoparticlesCalcium Carbonate CaCO3 Nanoparticles, nanodots or nanopowder are cubic or hexagonal high surface area particlesanoscale Calcium Carbonate Particles are typically 10 - 80 nanometers nm with specific surface area SSA in the 30 - 60 m2g rangeano Calcium Carbonate Particles are also available in passivated and Ultra high purity and high purity and coated and dispersed formshey are also available as a nanoparticle paste or nanofluid through the AE Nanofluid production groupanofluids are generally defined as suspended nanoparticles in solution either using surfactant or surface charge technologyanofluid dispersion and coating selection .

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