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Hydraulic Pile Crusher Price In China

Pile Breaker Price Round Foundation Crushing Piles Precast Concrete Pile Cutter Rock Breaker

ApplicationPile Breaker is a special tool to break the ground head concrete of foundation pileOperating PrincipleModular design is adoptedach module is provided with separate oil cylinder and drill rodhe oil cylinder drives the drill rod to realize rectilinear motioneveral modules are combined together to adapt to construction of piles with different diametersoreover, hydraulic pipelines are used for parallel connection to realize synchronization actionn the same section, the pile body is simultaneously squeezed from several points, so as to break the pile body at this sectionUniversal propertyIt can be driven by diverse power sources and is compatible with excavators or hydraulic system according to the construction sites conditionst is flexible to connect multiple construction machines with universal and economical performancee telescopic sling lifting chains meet the requirements of various landformsMulti-functionModule generalization is realized with our SP400-B square pile machinet can be used for both circular piles and square piles by changing the module combinationConvenienceIts small for convenient transportationplaceable and changeable module combination makes its applicable for piles with various diametershe modules can be assembled and disassembled easily and convenientlyLow-costThe operating system is easy and convenientewer operating workers are required to save cost for labor and machines maintenance during constructionEnvironment-friendlyIts full hydraulic drive causes little noises during operation and no influence on the surrounding environmentsSafetyContact-free operation is enabled and it can be applied for construction on complex landformLong service lifeIt is made of military material by first-class suppliers with reliable quality, extending its service life.

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