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Hot Rolling Mill Of China

Steel Hot Rolling Mill Line Of China Supplier

Quality assurance steel cold rolling mill line1 We gurantees that all the goods supplied are completely new, technically advanced, high quality and the design, materials and manufacturing process are defectless, they conform to the technical performance required by the customer and can run safely2 We gurantees that the gurantee period of the goods supplied is 12 months after the date of signing the certificate of goods acceptance3 We gurantees that the goods supplied meet the requirements for the quality and technical performace specified during the gurantee period, if it is due to the responsibility of WKD that the goods supplied do not confirm to the requirements for the specified quality and technical performance, the buyer has the right to lodge the claim4 We gurantees that the technical documentation supplied is correct, complete and clear and conforms to the requirements for the design, inspection, installation, adjustment and maintance of the goodsOur service- Providing model, design, manufacture, installation and commissioning as to the requirements of the customersProviding the plant design, general layout of the equipment, process design and products design of steel rolling etcarious technical designDispatching various technical staff to the site for the technical services till the finished products as to the requirements of the customersProviding long-term .

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