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2018 Best Price Tourmaline Ceramic Ball Energy Ball

What is TourmalineCeramic Ball?Tourmaline ceramic ball is formulated with far infrared mineralization material and tourmaline material, heated at 860 degreet can release 0mA bioelectricity which are similar to human bodys biologicalurmaline ceramic ballsare fired to provide a homogenous ball with the properties of both clay and all the colors of tourmalinelay carries the frequencies of numerous mineralst is also a highly organized, layered matrix that supports waters crystalline structureourmaline contributes FIR wavelengths particularly the wavelengths between 4 and 16 microns that resonate with water, and the piezoelectric effecthese wavelengths activate water molecules which convey FIR frequencies deep into the body, improving circulation and metabolic functionsrinking water treated with ceramic tourmaline balls prepares the body to receive nourishmentt also supports the bodys ability to release toxins and wastesurmaline balls are approximately 3 mm20mm in diameter, exposing a large surface area to the waterTourmaline ceramic emits far-infrared rays to produce living waterar Infrared rays are known for their powerful healing and detoxifying effects on organismsar-infrared rays suppress the growth of excessive free radicals and shorten the cluster chain of H2Ohe purified and activated water has smaller water clusters, which are more efficient at protecting cells from various aggressorshe alkaline filter redeposits the vital minerals, which are needed for the human boday to function at its optimum level, back into the waterProduct Parameter Diameter3mm-20mmbiosorption of heavy metal99%Appearancegreycolor spherical ballsMaterialTourmaline, Crystal quartz, Titanium oxide, zirconium oxide, mineral clay etcSpecific Area m2g5000hardness %8595Bulk Density gcm30-0Specific Densitygcm311ar infrared emission rat %87%Far Infrared wave elength um414Far infrared bacteriostatic rate %78ompression N40Product PicturesTourmaline ceramic ball generates little amount of negative ions when not in motion because atmospheric pressures and air friction are the only external force applied to itowever, the negative ions are cancelled out by positive ions floating in the airhis is why almost no negative ion can be detected when tourmaline is not in motionoduct FunctionsIn holistic healing, tourmaline is known for a variety of healing properties depending on the color of the gemecause the FIR rays emitted by tourmaline create the same resonance in the body as water, tourmaline has a very soothing effect on nervesourmaline is also well known for its ability to aid in the detoxification process, and for balancing metabolic functionsacing a bag of ceramic tourmaline balls in a gallon of water pitcher, large water bottle, gravity water filter, etcwill treat the water in several hours or overnight Activate water and make 0 molecules water Ever-lasting eradiate negative ions More than 97% FIR far infrared ray with spectrum of 218um making alkaline water Tourmaline balls could remove foul taste and smell and make sweet water absorbing micro particles and microorganisms Tourmaline ceramic balls could also produce negative ionsPackaging ShippingIn Cartons2gs per aluminum bag8 bags per carton GW 25kgscarton24 cartons pallet20 pallets 20 containerApplicationsTourmalineceramic balls could be applied in many fields1ater filter2ineral water3hower4ir purifier5umidifier6esticide removalFacrtoryAbout usEternal New Material Industrial CoLtd was set up in 1993e are specialized in manufacturing all kinds of bio ceramic balls used by water alkaline purifying, water treatment, humidifier, purified faucets, bath showers and etcWe invent ORP Water Ceramic Balls, Hydrogen Water Ceramic Balls, Microporous Anti Bacteria Ceramic Balls and Alkaline Water Mineralization Ceramic Balls in 2008 and get patents in 2015 HistoryIn 2006, we made research on ORP balls for a Japanese company, who makes similar water to famous water from Nordenau Germanyhe formula was confidential and our founder Xia Lee devoted herself to inventing ceramic balls making similar Nordenau waterith many years manufacturing experience and the research group from Shandong University, we successfully produce ORP water ceramic ball in 2008 and get patent in 2015ithout adding any chemical ingredients, all materials must be natural and environment friendlyn the next few years, we invented hydrogen water ceramic ball, microprous anti bacteria ceramic balls, pearl calcium ceramic balls, hydrogen water ceramic balls and Silicic Acid Alkaline Water Ceramic Ballhese ceramic balls earned much appreciation soon from customers in Japan, Korea, Malaysia, USA etc Research GroupOur research Centre is located in Zhangqiu Jinan City of Shandong Provincee have regular cooperation with the National Industrial Ceramic Engineering Research Centre, Special Ceramic Lab, Shandong University etc, and invented non electrolysis hydrogen water ceramic ball, micro porous ceramic ball, pearl calcium ceramic ball in recent years FactoryOur factory covers more than 20,000 square meters in Zhangqiu Jinan Cityll Productions Processes, including raw material quality checking, mixing, molding, sintering, packing, are carried out strictly in accordance with ISO9001Why purchase from us?We are preofessional bio ceramic manufacture with more than 11 years producing research experienceCeramic balls are certificated by SGS6 kinds of patents ceramic balls including ORP ball, hydrogen ball, alkaline ball and etcThe most reasonable price will save much cost for youfast deliveryContact usPlease feel free to contact us if you have any questionse would make reply within 24 hoursRita ZhaoTel 86-531-85936887M 86-13678826976WhatsappWechat 86-13678826976or simply send us email from the bottom formWE ARE THE FIRST PROFESSIONAL BIO CERAMIC FACTORY IN CHINA SINCE 2006.

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