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Dry Sand Making System

New Model Dry Method Sand Making Machine,vu Sand Making System Price

1ergy-Saving about 20%35%ompetitive Price3able performance 4O 9001EEco-friendly production standards, better quality of finished aggregatesZENITHs has pushed out a complete aggregate processing system to produce artificial sand and gravel, called VU Tower-like Sand-making System, which can overcome some problemshe quality of the finished sand meets the national standardsuring operation, there is no sludge, no waste water and no dust in the production process, which fully meets the national environmental protection requirements and brings huge benefits and development opportunities to the aggregate field and other industriesterialsGranite, marble, basalt, limestone, quartz, river pebbles, pebbles, bluestone, etcWorking Principle of VU Tower-like sand making machineThe VU system consists of VU impact crusher, mold control screen, grain-optimized machine, humidifier, dust collector, central control system, steel structure and other equipment and modulest is a complete system which produces sand in dry processter VU sand-making and reshaping,raw materials below15mm which may be cheap, easy-to-obtain materials such as stone chips, melon stone and stone powder are divided into three ways under the action of mold control screen and dust removal module stone powder, return material and quasi- finished sandhe stone powder is uniformly stored in the powder ore bin after passing through the dust removal module, and the quasi-finished sand enters the grain-optimized machine for further shaping, and the processing is completed after humidification and stirringhrough the VU system, after reasonable and efficient processing of the raw materials, users can get high-quality artificial sand with reasonable grade, round and smooth shape and controllable granularitye artificial sand produced can be uniformly recycled and used The applicable range depends on what raw materials aree finished products of sand making machine.

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