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Concrete Grinding Discs

240 Mm Concrete Diamond Grinding Disc For Klindex

SHOW CHINA QUALITY TO THE WORLD1-FACTORY PRICE2-NICE QUALITY3-QUICK DELIVERY 5-12 DAYS4-NO MOQ, SMALL ORDER WELCOME5-PAYMENT BY PAYPAL2240mm Concrete Diamond Grinding Disc for Klindex2019 Las Vegas World of Concrete Booth No11345-44 Inch Klindex grinding toolsKlindex grinding tools, with different shapes segmentsrrow, rectangular bars,6 or12 segments forKlindex grinderBut what is more important, especially in the initial grindingsteps, is the bond or hardness of the toolsBond super soft, soft, medium, hard, super hardHard concrete requires softer bond to prevent glazing and to allow new diamonds to get easily exposed for maximum grindingft concrete requires harder bond, so it can last longer soft bond also works but it will wear out too fast on soft concreteit 6, 10, 1620, 30-200, 350400For example, if you start with 30 grit, the next grit is 50 or 70, then 100 or 120, 200 or 220, 400, 800, etcWith full experience, SUNNY will provide you suitable bondMore Grinding Tools For KlindexNote When you place the order, please kindly provide us more details about the Diamond Grinding WheelDiameter of the Grinding Wheel Grit of the Grinding Wheel Connection of the Grinding WheelShape of the Grinding Wheel ABOUT USPAYMENT1T, western union, Money Gramand PayPal200% payment before delivery3o theBulk order, the LC is also can considerSHIPPMENTDelivery time Within a week after payment Transport ways choose1rgent order with less weightorsamples SUNNY recommendexpress service Normal regular orders which weight over 100kgs SUNNY recommend Air Cargo Big diameter saw bladesorheavy weight SUNNY recommend Sea Cargo.

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