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Lattice Ball Mill For Cement, Chemical Industry

Lattice Ball Mill for Cement, Chemical Industry1ntrodution of Lattice ball mill The machine consists of feeding, discharging , rotary and transmission parts reducer, small gear, motor, electric control and so onhe hollow shaft is cast steel, the inner lining is detachable, the rotary gear is made by casting hobbing, and the cylinder is set with wear-resistant liner, which has good wear resistancehis machine runs smoothly and works reliably2orking principle of Lattice ball mill Horizontal cylindrical rotary device, external gear drive, two-bin, lattice ball mille material is uniformly entered into the first bin of the mill by the feeding device through the hollow shaft helixere are step linings or corrugated linings in the bin, which contain steel balls of different specifications, and the cylinder rotation produces centrifugal force to drop the steel balls to a certain heightavy impact and grinding on materialsfter the material has been rough ground in the first warehouse, the material is further ground through the single layer partition board into the second warehouse, which is lined with flat liner and steel balle powder is discharged from the grate plate to finish the grinding operation3.

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