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Used Vertical Mills With Grinding Attachments

Forklift Push Pull Attachment

Forklift Push PullAttachmentFunction handle light goods pack with the help of sliding plate instead of palletegrdboard safelyand efficientlyly use sliding plate to realize loading, stacking, and reuse cardboard only for Sliding PlateReatinable Model can greatly improve production efficiency, saving the cost t can be widely used in electronics, food, light industry and other industriesFeatures1asonable integrated structure, wide horizon, flexible and easy to operate2ading and unloading goods can be done without pallets, and the application of low cost slip sheet meets the storage room of the palletsThe durable and smooth alloy fork plate can avoid damage to the connection part of the sliding plate during operationReasonable design of hydraulic elements make the hydraulic system get good protection and long life5l materials are made of alloy with high strengthecificationOur AdvantagesWhychooseusasreliablesupplierorworkaslocaldealerwithus?1Experienced .

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