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Separating Titanium From Iron Sand

Double Roller Electric Separator For Silica Sand

Electro Static SeparatorSpecificationsDouble roller electrical sorter machine, The machine has small size, simple structure, convenientoperation and maintenance, safe, effective separation and so on, It has big amount of users inChina, and they are mainly exported to Vietnam, Korea, Indonesia and other countriesApplication120220,1651500 double Roller Electrical Sorter is one of the major equipment in electricitymineral separationt is widely used in sorting titanium, zirconium, rutile, monazite, iron, tungsten, tantalum,niobium, tin and other precious minerals, It can separate material whichs particle size is from 0to2 mm and surface temperature is less than 1% of itself, It often works well with the single-disc magneticseparatorand permanent magnetic sorting machine in the process of sorting ilmenite, zircon ore andother mineralsWorking PrincipleThe Electrical sorting method used the differences of conductive of different mineral, Under the influenceof electric field,mineral particles are subject to electrical and mechanical forcescentrifugal force, gravity,drag role, then they produce different tracks that make them to be separated, so we can achieve thepurpose of sortingen the temperature heated after entered into the binhe mineral particles enter into the power coronaareas with the rotation roller shafts along the rotating feed rollerGrounding Electrodesurface, Coronacurrent makes all the mineral particlesconductors and non-conductors obtain negative charge, Becauseof low contact resistanceith the rotating feed roller, the conductors charges transfer by the roller awayquickly, Under the action of mechanical forces, conductors escape away from the roller, and enter intothe mineral hopperconductors, At the same time, because of higher contact resistance with the rotatingfeed roller, the non-conductors charges couldnt transfer by the roller away as quickly as conductors,sothey are forced in the roller surface owing to the role of electrostatic force, with the rotating feed roller,the non-conductors enter into the back of the roller, and are unloaded under brush, Then they are collectedin the excellent hoppernon-conductors, At last the Semiconductor mineral particles or failed to fullydischarge the conductor mineral particles enter into the middle hoppersemiconductor mineral particlesPerformanceWith the reasonable structure, advanced technology, convenient operation, complete protection, high degree of automation, safety and reliable, with better separating effectparation of high accurracy, can make the 120 mesh mineral to 2 mmgh degree of automation, to achieve the feeding, heating, speed adjustment, high-pressure discharge, with high securityructure of Roller Electrical SorterDouble roller Electrical Sorter is formed mainly by ore equipment, grounded roller, electrode, corona electrode, deflection electrodes, divided mineral board, high voltage electron generator and so on.

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