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Mp-2b Metallographic Equipment Electro Polishing Machine

MP-2B Metallographic EquipmentElectro Polishing Machine 1plication Electro Polishing Machine is a wet grinder it makes use of different sizes of sand paper, carries out the grinding on the sample of various metals and the alloying the pregrinding machine, beside the replacement of manual sample by mechanical polishing can improve efficiencyt can also completely remove the traces of plastic deformation and surfacein the process of specimen cutting, after further polishing, and it will have the micro-measurement of the organization2tructuralcharacteristicsoutlinedIn the process of working, the pre-grinding machine can inject cooling water into the rotating millstone through the rotating-water the sandpaper can stick to the millstone through the power of atmospheric pressure, so there is no need for bonded or clamping sandpaperhis machine is equipped with beautiful and practical fiberglass shell, the full use of stainless steel standard parts, the body will never rust, and thereby it greatly enhances the products performance, so that it becomes the ideal equipment of pre-grinding specimenTechnical Parameters3.

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