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Rotary Kiln Desulfurization In Gold Process

Desulfurization Wastewater Treatment Antifoaming Agents Sewage Treatment Plant

Desulfurization wastewater treatment antifoaming agents17 years defoamer customized manufacturesWater treatment anti-foam for hot tubs Water treatment defoamer is a highly effective defoamer for all types of water treatment systemsst defoaming speed, long anti-foaming time, high efficiency, low dosage, non-toxic, non-corrosive, no adverse side effectsasy to disperse in the water, are well compatible with the liquid products, not easy to break the milk bleaching oil Application Water treatment defoamers for all types of circulating sewage treatment, all kinds of circulating industrial wastewater, the industry recycling wastewater treatment, all in the room temperature, alkali system water treatment defoaming,SPA solution,bath basin,hot tub,fountain,pondand so on Specification Model No199200201pH Value58AppearanceMilky white liquidtransparent liquidWater slubleSoluble in water, excellent dispersion performanceViscosity2510001500mpaharacters1rong defoaming and foam suppression ability,low dosage,No effect to theproduct inproducingGood heat resistance, good chemical stability, non corrosive, non-toxic, noadverse sideeffects, non flammable, non explosiveProduct quality is comparable to the best product in the market,whileprice is much moreaffordabletethe values listed in this data sheet only describe the typical characteristics of this products not the Specification rangestomized requirement is warmly welcomedInstructionRecommeded Dosage01%-0%CertificationsPackage Delivery1 Packing 60KG, 200KG, 1000KG plastic drum,or as customer required Storage Its non-dangerous goods, non-toxic, non flammable, sealed storage ina cool,ventilated, dryplaceefore used up , the container should be sealed tightlyat around 25 The shelf life is about 12 months Transportation This product must be sealed well during the transportation, preventing frommoisture,water,strong acidalkaliease refer to Guangdong Zilibon Chemical Cotd defoamer Material Safety Data SheetMSDSRecommended Products Defoamer in Defoamer in Defoamer in Defoamer in Defoamer inrubber industry herbicide bottle Cleaning chemical industry antifreezeOur CompanyGuangdong Zillibon chemical Cotd Company is located in Songshan lake district, Dongguan city,Guangdong provinceactory is located in Wanjiang district, Dongdguan city, Guangdong province Focus on chemical defoamer for about 17 years, 380 foam control solution for more than 8000 global distributor,dealer,whosaler, factories and engineering company, with certification ISO9001,ISO14001,ISO18001,MSDS,TDSc Own a strong RD team professional chemical researchers,3 researchers with chemical doctors degree,2 professional chemistry overseas returneesRigorousmanagement7SmanagementstricttestingsystemCustomer servicePlease dont hesitate to contact us if you need related helpsWarm ReminderUnconditioalreturnorexchangeofourdefoamerwithin30days,ifanyqualityproblem1to1customerserviceand.

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