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Rotary Drum Dryer Price For Lg Dle W

Good Supply Coal-slurry Clay Vacuum Rotary Drum Dryer Price

INTRUDUCTION FOR ROTARY DRYERBrief IntroductionRotary dryer is widely used to dry materials in industries like cement, mine, construction, chemical, food, compound fertilizer, etchermocouples are installed in feeding and discharging units to control temperatureemperature change of the dryer also can be indicated by the thermometer, which is convenient for temperature control inside the dryer it is usually 250-350plicationsPowder particle Sands, limestone, stones, clay, mineral filter cake, coal, iron sulphate, filter cakes, fly ash, gypsum etcmp and sticky material Coal slime, sewage sludge, bentonite, Kaolin etcrrosive material Distillers grains, Fertilizer, animal dung, slag etcomass material Sawdust, wood chips etcatures1ternational standard with ISO, CE certificateSimple system, safe and easy operationFlexibility in fuels used NG, Oil, Coal ect4ar of experience with all types of dryersCapable of installation anywhere in worldIn house engineering for custom fit applicationsProven designtailed Images Point 1-Steel Plate SelectionChemical analysis was carried out on the material inspection, according to the requirements of GB700-2006, dryer drum thickness 20 mm we use Q245 - A, 20 mm we use Q245 - B According to the GBT 2970-2004 class ii, the range of 60 mm weld edge every board before cutting for ultrasonic flaw detectionint 2-Dryer Drum WeldingThe dryer cylinder section for toroidal welding, longitudinal along the entire circumference of not more than two weld article number, and shell welds shall be full, the minimum is not lower than the parent metal surface, the top should not be higher than 3 mm, feed plate weld should be smoothld edge bite depth should not be greater than 0mm, continuous length should not be greater than 100 mm, should not exceed the total length of each weld bite edge which 10% of the weld lengthPoint 3-nspectionExamination all the parts according to the drawing after processing completionpraying primer, rust preventing paint, and heat resistance paintRotary Dryer Structure Working Site of Rotary Dryer .

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