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Sand Washing And Dehydration Machine

Sand Washing and Recycling MachineSand washing machine is a kind of wheeled washing equipment by water to improve the sand quality by separate and move the dust and impurities mixed in sandt is widely used sand washing plants for washing, classifying, dewatering and fines recycling natural sand from natural resources or mechnism sand from sand making machinend washing machines adopt new seal-structure and reliable driving device to make sure the high efficient sand washing, and developed depends on practical conditions of sand industries to meet out the ISO standard requirements of gradation in the final output sandDHB sand washers are mainly include three parts of washing impeller, dewatering screen and cyclone, and with the features of high degree cleaning-up, large capacity, reasonable structure, low power consumption, small loss of the sands during the washing processructureit is composed of high-pressure separator, dewatering screen, impeller separator, reducer, vacuum high-pressure pump, cleaning box, high return water tank, motor, vibration motor and other componentsrking PrincipleSand and water mixture enters the cleaning tank, which is separated by the impeller separator, and then enters the lower dewatering screen for dewatering treatment, cleaning tank overflow out of waste water including a large number of fine sand, mud, dust and other impurities, via high pressure of the vacuum pump into the high pressure separator, centrifugal grading after enrichment and fine sand, the heavy spit into the upper sieve dehydration, cleaning the waste water, mud, dust and impurities in the cabinet, the overflow mouth, through high pressure separator tank back out into the high return, finish the upper coarse sand, the lower the finished product fine sand, or coarse and fine sand mixed, can be adjusted according to customer requirementsodel Impeller diametermm Sieve plate sizemm Productivity m Cyclonesizemm Powerkw Weightkg Overall DimensionL*W*Hmm LD26-35-1224 2600 1200*2400 80-120 350 284935 5800*5200*2750 LD26-55-1530 2600 1500*3000 100-140 250*2 335392 5800*5560*2750 LD30-55-1530 3000 1500*3000 100-140 250*2 39 7328 6700*5560*3100 LD30-65-1530J 3000 1500*3000 120-180 300*2 47 7500 6700*5560*3600 LD30-75-1836 3000 1800*3600 160-240 350*2 63 9761 7331*5560*3370 LD30-120-1842 3000 1800*4200 240-360 300*4 82 10565 7950*5560*3370 LD30-75-1836D 3000 1800*3600 160-240 350*2 59 9669 7420*5560*3670 LD30-75-1842D 3000 1800*4200 160-240 350*2 59 10615 8020*5560*4100 LD36-100-1836D 3600 1800*3600 200-280 250*4 70 13363 8120*5560*4100 LD36-100-1842D 3600 1800*4200 200-280 250*4 70 14040 8590*5560*4100 LD36-100-1836J 3600 1800*3600 200-280 250*4 74 13634 8120*5560*4100 LD36-100-1842J 3600 1800*4200 200-280 250*4 74 14180 8590*5560*4100 LD36-100-1848J 3600 1800*4800 200-280 250*4 74 14630 9190*5560*4100 LD-36-100-2442J 3600 2400*4200 200-280 250*4 81 15120 8680*6450*4100 LD36-120-2448J 3600 2400*4800 240-360 300*4 97 15480 9280*6450*4100Main Features1 With the advantages of sand washing, fine sand recycling, cleaning materials than the traditional sand washing machine cleaner Low energy consumption, energy saving and environmental protection Long service life and low maintenance cost Simple installation, small footprint Special models can be customized according to different needscking Delivery Packaging Model LD30-75-1842D Size 8020L * 5560 W * 3670 H Weight 10615KG Packagingdetails The normal package is plastic cloth for main machine and wooden for partse wooden box will be fumigated, can also pack it according to customers special requestackaging Model LD36-100-1842D Size 8590 L * 5560 W * 4100 H Weight 14040KG Packagingdetails The normal package is plastic cloth for main machine and wooden for partse wooden box will be fumigated, can also pack it according to customers special requestrking SiteOur CompanyOur ServicePre-Sales Service* Inquiry and consulting support* Sample testing support* View our Factoryter-Sales Service* Training how to instal the machine, training how to use the machine 24hours for technical Operation Guide and 4hours offer .

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