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History Of Grinding Machines

Long History And Top 10 Brand Deligu Concrete Hardener Concrete Floor Polishing Grinder

Product NameConcrete Floor Grinding MachineModelDLG-GD640PMotor15HP11kwVariable-frequency Drive11kwFrequency50HZVoltage380V420VRated current30AGrinding disc340mm*4Weight348kgGrinding path640mmMotor RPMMin3001500rpmGrinding parameter12 piecesSize1950*950*590mmSpeed0-20mminHow to Operate a Concrete GrinderConcrete grinders are used in the surface preparation of concretehere are a number of different ones available to suit different projectshe best equipment for your job will largely depend whether you need to level off a slab, prepare for new floor coverings or get that polished showroom look. The concept of a concrete grinder is very simplet doesnt matter if youre using a small handheld grinder or a bigger single head machine - they work the same wayhe head rotates, grinding the surface of the concrete beneath, and different attachments can be used to get you the results you want. HANDLE POSITIONS AND PLUGS Most machines have adjustable handles and controlshere are three different handle positions Operating positionhis is the position you use the machine inost of our concrete grinders are adjustable to suit different heights. Tooling positionhis position makes it easier to tilt the machine up so you can change the discs and pads. Lifting and storagef youre lifting the grinder on and off trucks, putting the handle into the lifting position makes it easier to move around and store. The concept of concrete grinding is basically the same as for woodwork or metalworkou start off with the most abrasive plugs then move down to softer discsf youre polishing, youll want to finish off with resin pads. DUST CONTROL As well as checking you have all the plugs and discs you need, youll also need to make sure you have some dust control measures in placeost concrete grinders come with a vacuum attachment to remove dust as you gonother option is to dampen the surface youre working on with water from the hose, but be aware this will create a slurry so can be a very messy processou cant vacuum if youve used water, so its one or the other. Machine Operation and TipsTO OPERATE THE MACHINE Check you have the right plug attachment more about changing plugs and discs below Put the handle setting into operating mode and adjust it to your heightou want to be comfortable using the machine and you may also need to push it down and take a bit of weight off the head as you go, depending on the surfaceur machines come with adjustable weights that you can add and move around if you need a bit more or less pressure on the grinding head. Check your vacuum hose is in place, if youre using it. Tilt the machine back slightly before you turn it on to free up the grinders from the surface. Press the green start button. If the machine trips out, the overload button will pop outet the machine cool down for a couple of minutes, then push the button back in and keep going. CHANGING THE DISCS AND PADS Many of our machines come with a number of different attachmentsach disc or pad is suited to a different stage in the concrete preparation processhe plugs are for the heavy grinding work, discs for finer work and then the pad is used for polishing. As you progress with your concrete surface preparation, you will need to switch plugs and discswitching plugs is very easy we always recommend you wear gloveset a hammer and tap it on the plate near the plug and the plug should pop outo put plugs in, just push them with a bit of force and they will bind in. When its time to change from plugs to a disc, take the plug out and put in the magnetic plug that comes with the discsext, put the insert through the disc and then attach the disc to the magnetic plug. Tip When changing discs back to plugs, make sure you take magnetic plugs out. To change the discs on a smaller grinderedger youll need to find the locking pin on the side of the machine to lock it in placence locked, take a spanner and use it on the centre nut to remove the disceplace with the new disc and tighten up againtailed ImagesDELIGU Armor Floor Concrete Floor Polishing GrinderRelated ProductsCompany IntroductionWe Wuhan DELIGU Materials Share CoLtd are18 Years Developer and Factory Specializing in Concrete Hardeners and relevant concrete grinders, polishers, pads and testing equipment with IOS and Reach certificates qualifieduhan DELIGU is a group company and a listed company in Wuhan Stock Exchange, stock code is 101268e deal with full series Armor Floor concrete hardener, sealer, densifier, colorant and brightere are the top 10 brands in this field and have deep cooperation with many Fortune Global 500 companies like CR LAND, Midea, Chengdu East Railway Station, etcur concrete hardeners or densifiers are widely applied in commercial floors, industrial floors, garages, warehouses, etcr Services Strength Wuhan DELIGU Material Share CoLtd is a factory specializing in Concrete Hardener, which is a clear, odourless liquid coatingchemical compoundhen it is applied and penetrates into the concrete surface, a chemical reaction takes place, producing abyproduct that fills in the pores of the concretehis process produces a substantially denser concrete surface with enhanceddurabilityELIGU Armor Floor Uses the Military Technologies with a field top level 5 independent reactors production ability and is stillgrowing rapidlyELIGU Armor Floors are widely applied in factories, warehouses, garages, stores, shopping malls, schools, gyms,etc and serving thousands of companies inside and outside of ChinaQ1Are you factory or only company? A We are a scientific and technological factory which RD, producing and saling of concrete hardener and concrete floor machine, floor curing materials and floor abrasives the same time,the one-stop construction can be provided for our customers 2How can we start order with your factory? A First, leave us an inquiry and advise which item youre interested, and then we will contact you in 24 hoursoure so kind if provide all detailed information, will better for us to know exactly what you need. 3 What are your MOQ? A Different products have different MOQ, 1 set is least. 4Do you have after -sales support? AYes,We provide 12 months warranty, Video technical support and Online supportre than 10 engineers can support .

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