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High Pressure Washing Line Bauxite

Calcined Bauxite Aggregate

Calcinated Bauxite AggregateCalcinated bauxite aggregate is refractory material which is made of bauxite through a series of manufacturing processt is usually applied to construction field, building material, refractory castable, fireproof fieldsBauxite is earthy mineral with main composition of alumina, the hydrated alumina with little impurityt usually takes the color of white and grayish whiteome bauxite takes the color of brown yellow and light red due to the composition of iront is extremely hard for bauxite to meltmprotantly, bauxite can not insoluble in water, but it can dissolved in sodium hydroxide solutionn China, Province Henan, city Xinmi , bauxite refers to the mineral content of alumina is over 48%vantagesIt possesses a series of good performancese content of high alumina is high while the content of iron is lowhats more, its hardness and refractory temperature is high while the coefficient of thermal expansion is lown addition, the thermal properties of calcined bauxite aggregate is pretty stableplicationAs for the applications of bauxite, it can be applied to make aluminum and refractory materialor instance, mixed with magnesia and binder, bauxite clinker can be made into refractory castable applied on the linings of ladlen addition, it can be made into refractory concrete applied widely in many industries such as metallurgy industry, petroleum industry, power industry and so onrtifications BUSINESS LISENSE ISO9001 TEST REPORTOur ServiceHigh QualityAbout 18 years RD producing and qulity mangement experiences since 2000pply CapacityAnnual capacity is 45,700 tons, and output value with RMB28millionofessional TechnologyPassed the ISO90012008 quality system authentication and ROHS authenticationcking Delivery Packaging Size 100 L * 100 W * 100 D Weight 1T2pallet25kgbag Packaging Details 1ooden pallet 1*1*12aterproof cover fixed belt3ustomized packaging availableDelivery1ample UPS FEDEX DHL2ull container By vessel3CL By vessel or By airfumigation palletsfix with protection corner and beltstock in warehouse and pend for delivery.

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