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High Effeciency Sand Screen Plant

Automatic Vibrating Screen Roller Sieve For Sand Sifting

Product Application 1tone yard for grading of large and small stones, and separation of soil and stone powder Separation from sand and gravel in the sandstone field Coal industry for the separation of lump coal and coal powder and coal washing part of coal washing machinery4hemical industry, the mineral processing industry is used for the classification of large and small blocks and the separation of powdery substancesMain Features 1 Sieve hole is not easy to blockThe operation is stable and the noise is lowSimple structure and convenient maintenanceSieving cylinder can be closed, easy to close and collect dustThe machine has high reliability and less one-time investmentSpecial screen is adopted, which has high screening efficiency and long service life modelCapacitym3hOuter diametermmlengthmmPowerkwdimensionmmGS123020-50120030003358015901675GS153040-80150030005398017901975GS183080-1501800 3000715018702240GS2030130-2002000300011423019502950Zhengzhou Yongcan Machinery Equipment CoLtdas established in 1991he company has passed ISO9001 quality system certification and has obtained CE product certificationhe quality of the products is the life of the companyhe products have passed the international quality certification system ISO9001, 2008 certificationt has developed into a professional manufacturer of vertical hammer compound crusher, sand making machine, stone crusher, jaw crusher, counter roll crusher, sand making production line and other crusher equipmenthe company has an experienced and skilled after-sales service team, tracking service operations throughout the countrye-sale1 device model choice Design and manufacture products according to the special requirements of customers Train technicians for customers The company sends engineers and technicians to the customers to plan the site and design the best process and plan free of chargele1 Acceptance of sand making equipment products Assist customers in formulating construction plansQow to properly maintain the sand making machine ?1n the sand-making process operation, since the equipment is a high-speed equipment, special attention should be paid to safe productionll concerned should be away from the equipmentf it is necessary to repair the machine, it should be carried out after the shutdown The tension of the transmission triangle tape should be adjusted appropriately to ensure that the triangular tape should be grouped and matched, so that the length of each group is as uniform as possiblehe current differential should be adjusted not exceed 15A The sand making machine adopts Mobil vehicle grease special grade or 3 lithium base greasedd proper amount of grease for 400 hours of workpen the spindle assembly for 2000 hours to clean the bearingenerally replace the new bearing after work 7200 hourse upper end bearing of the main shaft assembly is a swimming end, and the lower end bearing is a fixed endfter assembly, the pulley should be rotated by hand to be flexible Regularly stop the sanding machine and observe the internal wear of the crusherhe wear level of the center feeding pipe, cone cap, impeller upper and lower runner lining,.

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