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Crusher Machine Eas

Best Quality Tooth Claw Animal Feed Grain Crusher Commercial Single Maize Spice And Herb Pulverizer Industrial Grain Grinder Eas

Factory Price Tooth claw animal feed grain crusherTooth claw type crusher can crush all kinds of raw materials, corn, wheat, soy, grains, straw, vines, dry fresh potato Leaf hulls food and feed and crushing gesso, lead powder, slippery powder, rare earth industry, chemical industry, clay, coal and other minerals low hardness etc, also can crush a variety of Chinese traditional medicineachine structure is rational, durable, safe and reliable, easy to install, convenient operation, small anti-vibration effecthis machine can be used with motor and diesel engineodelSpindle speedMotorCapacitySL-1602800rmin1w100kghSL-2002800rmin2w250kghSL-2502800rmin3kw350kghSL-2802800rmin3kw450kghSL-3202800rmin5w550kghSL-3602800rmin7w800kghPackaging ShippingCompany Informationcontact me.

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