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Coal Conveyer And Crusher System

Stone Belt Conveying System

Stone Crusher Belt Conveyor, , Crushing Plant Conveyor SeystemIntroduction of Rubber Belt Conveyor, Belt conveyor is also called band type conveyor, and it is generally used for conveying block or granular materialst can also be used for conveying singletonst can not only be used in the circumstances of small transfer volume and short distance, but can also be used to transport long-distance of transport material, and it has the advantages of low power consumption and economic usageApplication of Rubber Belt Conveyor, Belt conveyor is suitable for transporting dry granular materials, such as coal, sand, stone, cement, fertilizer, grain and so onts applicable industries ore dressing, sand processing, electron, appliance, tobacco, agriculture, postal, transport, food and other fieldsFeatures ofHeavy Rubber Belt Conveyor, 1ased on the theory of friction drive, the belt conveyor manufactured by our company can economically and effectively convey all kinds of materials Based on the conveying requirements, it can convey materials independently or several belt conveyors together or with other conveying machines by forming a horizontal or tilted conveying system in industrial production line In the industrial production, the belt conveyor is the link of continuous production line by connecting a series of mechanical equipments to transport bulk materials and piece articles in order to realize the continuity and automation and lessen the intensity of the laborStructures ofRubber Belt Conveyor, Belt conveyor mainly includes adhesive tape, supporting device, driving device, launching device, tension device and its accessory device, and other several partsWork Principle of Rubber Belt Conveyor, The convey belt is mainly composed by the expansion cylinder on both ends and the closed belts tightly knotted on themhe revolving cylinder of the conveyor belt is called driving cylinder, and the other cylinder which is mainly used for changing the moving direction of the belt is called redirection cylinderhe driving cylinder drive the device through the electromotor on the reducer, and the belt pulls relying on the friction of the driving cylinder and the conveyor belthe driving cylinder is usually installed on the materials discharging side for purpose of increasing the pulling forcehe materials are fed from the feeding end, and then they will fall on the revolving conveyor belt, and relying on the friction force of the belt conveyor, the conveying materials are driven to the material discharging end for discharging.

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