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Abrasive Flap Discs Marble Polishing Zirconia Alumina Sanding Discs For Angle Grinder Polishing Zirconia

Alumina is suitable for grinding of welds of general metals, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, cast iron, non-ferrousmetals, etcand grinding of burrs of metal stampingsemove paint and rust on metal surfacesSelf-sharpening characteristics provide high stock removal rates and long product life2per cutting performance, heat resistant, preventing workpieces from being burnt3itable for flap discs and flap wheels4plied for stainless steel and titanium alloyMade of high quality brand material and fully automatic machinetrictly control the amount of glue and drying timeuarantee product quality while ensuring delivery timeIT406080120240DISC SIZE100*1675*16115*22125*22150*22180*22SHEET SIZE21*1521*1621*1721*193*1524*1530*1535*15CLOTHXA911XA515XA945KX565KX563 BLACK CLOTHKX563 BLUE CLOTHOTHERAbrasive Material Aluminum Oxide Calcine Alumina Zirconia Ceramic Ignoring the backing and adhesives for a moment, flap disc grinding performance is directly related to the quality of the abrasive material usedlap disc design can enhance or reduce performance but nothing can replace a quality abrasive materiale Note1n the abrasive cloth wheel, use the product environment selection, try to choose to operate indoors, the indoor environment is free of cluttern use, you should also pay attention to concentration, not to be half-hearted to avoid accidentsIf you use it in an outdoor environment, try to choose a quiet environment. 2uring the grinding process, the room temperature should be maintained, and the polished product should not be stained with water to avoid slipping. 3uring the grinding process, the polished product should be kept parallel to the working levelSecondly, the user must master the strength, and do not take it lightly. 4ny grinding wheel has its certain use and wear requirementsf the wear reaches a certain level, it must be replaced with a new oneIt can not be used in order to save material, it is an extremely unsafe violationGenerally, in the process of repairing or replacing the grinding wheel, we can use a very stupid method to detect whether there are cracks in the grinding wheelIf it is a crisp sound, it can be usedf it produces a hoarse and dull sound, the wheel has cracks and other undesirable phenomenaoductionT27 T29Flap discs are broken down into flat and angle faceollowing grinding wheel terminology flat discs are type 27 while angle discs are type 29ypical angle faced flap wheels are about 10ngle faced discs are more aggressive and are more suited to stock removal while flat faced discs are better on flat surfaces and will produce a more consistent finish. Product packagingCustomer PhotosThanks to all customers for their recognition and support, Tianyu will still conscientiously make good products and serve every customer with heartmpany IntroductionJiangsu tianyu grinding technology coLTDs a focusing on producing Flap Disc, Flap Wheel, Sanding Belt, Abrasive Paper and other products more than 15 yearse continuously advanced production lines, with strong .

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