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Acrylic Resin And Silica Sand Mixer Powder Polymer

Troxerutin Tablets Cas 7085-55-4 Troxerutin Powder

Identification NameTroxerutin, CAS 7085-55-4StructureOther nameTroxerutin7085-55-4Vitamin P4TroxerutineTrioxyethylrutinKey wordsAPI Anticoagulants treatment of Chronic Venous Insufficiencyoxerutin, CAS 7085-55-4, Troxerutin, CAS 7085-55-4 supplier, Troxerutin, CAS 7085-55-4 distributor, CAS 7085-55-4Troxerutin, CAS 7085-55-4 manufacturer, Troxerutin, CAS 7085-55-4 wholesaleChina Troxerutin, CAS 7085-55-4 manufacturersTroxerutin, CAS 7085-55-4 cost,Troxerutin, CAS 7085-55-4 buy,Troxerutin, CAS 7085-55-4 saleCAS NO85-55-4Molecular FormulaC33H42O19Molecular Weight742 gmol Chemical and Physical PropertiesAppearanceLight yellow powderMelting point181CSolubilityFreely soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol 96 per cent and practically insoluble in methylene chlorideality standardPurity 99% min ApplicationDrug Indicationprotectors against human diseases such as coronary heart disease, cancers, and inflammatory bowel diseasereatment for attenuating diabetic retinopathyti-erythrocytic, anti-thrombic, fibrinolytic and oedema-protective rheological activityrmulationsPreparationstablet, injection Handling and storageSafety and HazardsThe shanghai Research Institute of Chemical industry testing center identification conclusion 1 None hazard identification, 2 The substance is not subject to IATA DGR, 3 Non packing requirementsndling and storageKeep container tightly closed in a dry and well-ventilated placeight sensitivemple packageAluminium foil bagCommercial packagefiber drumUN CodeNot classfiedHS Code29381000Shipping groupShipment at ambient temperature for no controlled and no dangerous goodsSales restrictionNoOriginChina .

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