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Brief introduction ofgold wet pan millWet Pan Mill for Gold is widely used for selecting ferrous metals and nonmetals, as well as precious metals, such as gold and silverased on the different structure, our Wet Pan Mill for Gold is divided into double rollers grinding and three rollers grindingt is the excellent equipment which can take place of ball millur Wet Pan Mill for Gold is the perfect equipment for medium-sized and small enterprisesructureofgold wet pan millOur Wet Pan Mill for Gold is mainly consists of driving device, frame, water basin, grinding wheels and grinding base, etcaturesofgold wet pan mill1he size of gold sand material should be less than 30 mm2ts easy to use and operating3t can directly get pure gold4ur Wet Pan Mill for Gold is most suitable for small and medium scale gold mine5t has the features of low investment, high yield, low energy consumption, high production capacity, high efficiency, easy installation and maintenance6he grinding wheels and grinding base are made of high manganese steelhey are very hard and rigid, thus using life doubledrking principleofgold wet pan millFirst of all, the Wet Pan Mill for Gold motor will transmit power to the reducer, by the reducer, through a large vertical pass torque at the top of the horizontal axis and then it through a horizontal two axis pull rod to grinding wheel, the grinding wheel have driving force, along the horizontal axis do counterclockwise motion Studio of the grinding wheel can be turning around wet mill big vertical shaft, and around the wheel of center shaft rotation, pan is stationary Adding ore materials, in the mill from the extrusion wheel of its own weight, grinding wheel with the pan during the revolution of great friction, by repeated after extrusion, kneading, grinding, were crushedrking stepsofgold wet pan mill1hen inputting gold sand into the rolling drum, the rollers compress the sand over and over into tiny particles2indly please put in 5 kg mercury at first, the mercury can absorb the gold or other metals3t last, use a high-density red cloth to wrap mercury up4hen squeeze it, the mercury will be pressed out and pure gold stayed5f large capacity, we will use mercury shaking machine and mercury steamer to replace the manual work.

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