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Roller Mill Magnetic Separator

High Intensity Automatic Magnetic Roller Separator

Product presentionA new type of special rare earth permanent magnet material is used, which has ultra high magnetic field strength and high magnetic field gradienthe number of magnetic rollers can be made according to customer requirementsgh strength ultra-thin transmission, sorting tapeagnetic roller is protected by conveyor belt, no wear, not easy to demagnetizedependent design of the feeding system to make the feeding more uniform, timing and quantitative control of the feeding at any timeimple and practical self-weight flat adhesive belt tension, deviation correction machinerynew type of axial series repulsive magnetic system structure is adoptedhe magnetic induction intensity on the surface of the magnetic roller is 3 times higher than that of the electromagnetic strong magnetic machine, and the magnetic field gradient is 3 times higher than that of the electromagnetic strong magnetic machineere is no air gap, the material is not blocked, the maximum degree of selected material can reach 50mm, and the separation efficiency is highnstallation, maintenance and production and operation costs are low and easy to operatePLICATION INDUSTRYMainly used in fine weak magnetic minerals iron ore, manganese ore, etctail throwing orpurification non-metallic minerals andalusite, sillimanite, cyanite, garnet, feldspar, quartz, rutile, zircon, corundum, diamond, etcraw materials and products refining removal of all kinds of abrasive products, catalysts and other materials of weak magnetic harmful impuritiesRelated ProductsPackaging ShippingAbouts UsA large number of experience and database our company for metal non-metallic m powder, m powder slurry has quite sufficient experience and a large number of experimental data, iron removal in this kind of materials has a unique .

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