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Oxbow Coal Mine Equipment For Sale

New Arrival Durable Coal Mining Equipment

RX precise vacuum filter combines mechanical and electric machine,ceramic tube with micro-hole and ultrasound,depending on vacuum suction and capillary function,under pressure difference,the filter cake will be formed on the surface of ceramic filter plate when the slurry go through the ceramic filter,at the same time,the water will run out through the filter medium to achive the purpose of the solid-liquid separationramic filter have the advantage of high efficiency,lower production cost,energy-saving and environmental protection and so on,the ceramic filter is widely used for mine,metallurgy,chemical industry and environmental protection industrySpecifications of coal mining equipment Rongxin filterRX30-10RX60-15RX80-16RX144-12RX240-20Disc diamm19002180221038123812Main dimensions, lengthmm580071007680906012260Main dimensions, widthmm31703400359552005200Main dimensions, heightmm25262880320548004800Weightkg900014000175004700069000Installed powerkw264657100145Power consumptionkw20374670100Characteristics1gh vacuum degree0-08MPa,filter cake has low water contentSolid content of liquid the maximum is 25ppm,repeated application is available,drainage is lessenedIt can save 90% energy or above in contrast with traditional filter with low consumption and low costFilter cake cleaning process is added to clean proper materialsIt combines PLC,computer and automatic valve control with high automatization and labor force has been loweredCompact structure,covering less floor area,conventient installation and maintenanceAdvanced drainage system fits for any working conditonsPictures of coal mining equipmentCompany Informationcoal mining equipment.

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