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Jl 480 Tangential Surface Grinding Machine

Farfly Ftbs Car Paint Grinding Machine Pin Type Sand Mill Bead Mill

Product ApplicationWet process milling equipment which can produce continuously, the working principle is the power delivered form high-speed rotor to milling medium and liquid material, through mutual colliding and laminating, ultrafine result can be achievedspersing and milling in the field of coating, paint, printing ink, agricultural chemical, pharmaceutical,etcSpecification TYpe Motor KW CapacityL Pump FluxLmin Coolantm3h ProductionLh Milling Mediummm Overall Size LxWxH mm FTBS-2L 55 2-12 01 20-100 121300x1100x1000 FTBS-20 22 20 2-12 12 100-500 122100x1200x2000 FTBS-30 30 30 2-12 15-2 100-600 122200x1300x2100 FTBS-50 45 50 3-18 2-2100-1000 122500x1400x2200Main Features1his machine has stable structure ,ingenious design design and convenient operation Cleaning,changing colour and replacing mill bead can be much easier No residue design, it can solve the problem of material discharging better after milling Hard alloy sticks, with proper redistribution, high-efficiency milling result can be obtained Double cooling of inner rotor and outer jacket ensures effect of material cooling Better lining of wear-resistant alloy, without pollution to materials With less abrasion of milling media and costtailed ImagesCertificationsPacking Delivery.

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