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Amc Belt Driven Small Centrifugal Mining Dirty Water With Solid Slurry Pump

Is the centrifugal pump special used for slurry, liquid with solids or mudsludge transfer pump major used at mining departmentWhen or where you need Slurry Pump? To pump a medium where abrasive particles are present To transport the productions required or as much solids as possible hydraulicallyThe medium with few particles or not abrasive, which means the medium similar clear water that you could use clear water pumps, dirty water pumps or mud sludge pumps is good enough The AMR Mining Horizontal Centrifugal Slurry Pump have a wide performance range, good cavitation performance and high efficiencyapacity 0-5000m3h 6x4 D AMR Slurry PumpAMMetal PumpAMR Rubber Liner Pump6x4 Pump inletoutletD Frame Size Head 0-90m Max Eff0% NPSH 3-5m Pls contact roger angroupcnm orwhatsapp 86 137 805 12387when you need the slurry pump over the tablePump FeatureThe Feature of The Extra-Thick Wet End Components make the AMR Mining Horizontal Centrifugal Slurry Pump could handle the liquid with abrasive solid particles and extend the wear life Max, increase the mean time between failures with lowest maintenance by reasonable component arrangement The Large diameter, slow turning, high efficiency impellers designed to achieve maximum wear life and lowest maintenance The Large, open internal passages designed to reduce internal velocities, maximize wear life and lowest maintenance Heavy duty construction with through-bolt design provides ease of maintenance and Min downtime The Replaceable and Interchangeable Wet End Parts are lower the stocking cost, easy to repair and Min downtime The Ductile iron fully lined casing provides durability,strength, safety, and long service life recommended while the Grey iron liner is the economic solution could satisfied the most customers required especially when you dont need the pumps work at 24x7 Minimal shaftimpeller overhang reduces shaft deflection and increases packing life and the mean time between failures Cartridge-style bearing assembly allows for maintenance in a clean environment without removal of the pump, resulting in reliable operation and prolonged bearing life, which is another way to increase the mean time between failures Grease or oil lubrication bearing assembly options offer ease of maintenance and reduced downtime Lower NPSH requirements results in enhanced hydraulic performance and extended the wear life The metal or rubber parts are available for different work conditions Max the wear life and lowest the maintenance costPump MaterialsThe MaterialsThe AMR Mining Horizontal Centrifugal Slurry Pump is the heavy duty pump special designed for mining and mineral, power plant and general industrial department New development High Chrome Cast Iron make AMR Mining Horizontal Centrifugal Slurry Pump have the long time uselifen some conditions, the new development Rubber materials have better performance when there is acid conditionsou could also find some rubber lined pump for your different requiredNew RD at MaterialsOur RD department still continuously study the material and the latest materials of our AA37 make the AMR Mining Horizontal Centrifugal Slurry Pump much better than any brand of the slurry pump in the market usingn some customers from Mexico, their slurry pump at AA37 work as long as 2 years without any repair or update and still going on Click to know morePump Atlas CurveThe Atlas curve ofYou could know the range of ourAMR Mining Horizontal Centrifugal Slurry Pump performance range here or you could check the table by our experience if you are not professional or contact Roger at whatsapp 86 13780512387Pump ApplicationThe Application ofOur high quality AMR Mining Horizontal Centrifugal Slurry Pump help us win great reputation from the customer all over the world in many different projectme customer list and the visiting of the customer at our factory and the customers sitePart of customer listAn Pump Machinery experienced at Mining project and click the pictures of know moreCustomer visit usThe customer visit us before shipment and click the pictures to know moreWe are the customer siteAn Pump Machinery is your reliable vendor with after market service at any time, click to know moreContact An PumpYour 24x7 Hotline for Slurry Pump System and Mining equipmentWe are your best slurry pump manufacturer and please click me to send your inquiry to let our engineer do the solution quotation for you The Slurry Pump RelatedYou may need more different type of slurry pump for your project like Vertical Sump Slurry pump or submersible slurry pump, sometimes, you may need large capacity slurry pump or high pressure slurry pumplease click the pictures below to know moreAn Pump MachineryAn Pump Machinery Your Best Slurry Pump ManufacturerAn Pump Machinery CoLtd is the sand suction dredge pump manufacturer with 50 years experiencedOur pumps export to over 90 countries all over the world in mining, power plant, dredging and dredge, hydraulic, irrigation, pulp transfer, chemical, construction, sea water and oil gas transfer etclick to moreAn Pump Your Best Cooperative Partner, Not Only But WholeSupply Chain Management LogisticsAn Pump Machinery as one of the best slurry pump manufacturer, we are not only focus on our own production only but also every details from every ring of our supply chain only work with the first level partnerAn Pump Machinery New Definition of the Slurry Pump ManufacturerAn Pump Machinery is not only the pump manufacturer but also new definition of the team and serviceExperience Slurry Pump Engineers TeamAn Pump Machinery would be your support with his 50 years in the mining department and industrial pumpsFull Service for the whole use life circulationSales is only the start and let us know the pump together of all the use life of your whole systemFAQ1 Are you the Slurry Pump Manufacturer ?A Yes, An Pump Machinery is one Slurry Pump Manufacturer nearly 50 years Click to see the video about our factoryClick to see the pictures of the factoryAn Pump Machinery is your best centrifugal Slurry Pump Manufacturer, You are welcome to visit us at any time2Q Is there any discount to buy your Slurry Pump or Slurry Pump Parts ? A Yes, as one of the best Pump Manufacturer , we have different promption plan for different customer 1 You could click to contact Roger Chen, who is the sales driector of An Pump Machinery to sign up as the VIP, he will explain the details to you 24x7 2 You could copy roger angroupcnm note there is space both front and back of the , you should remove it away to send the email 3 Call at 86 137 805 12387 or use your wechat, or whatsapp to search this noo add usou could also add chenroger1215 if you use skypeere are special discount for small slurry pump and slurry pump rubber parts when you contact Rogers whatsapp3Q Is there any Slurry Pump Price list ? A Yes, The new 2016 Slurry Pump Price list is available for our approved agentleaes contact pump angroupcnm for more.

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