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Sand Blasting Equipment For Sale Philippines

Roller Conveyor Type Shot Blasting Machine , Sand Blasting Cabinet For H Beam , Sandblasting Equipment

Roller type shot blasting machine for cleaning rebar scaffold steel stripRoller conveyor shot blasting machine features1Steelplate shotblasting machine has three kinds of pass through typeRoller conveying pass through, trolley pass through, hanger pass through They are widely used in the industry ofsteel plate, steel structure, engineering machinery, bridge building and so ony shot blasting, it can remove rust, oxide layers, welding slag and other pollutant and eliminate surface stress force3fter shot blasting, it can improve paint film adhesion with steel, improve anti-rust capacity, improve the quality and prolong the service life of steel structure The steel shots blasted by blasting turbines will be collected, purifying by shots circle system and continue to be used again for blasting turbines The working process flow of shots circle system steel shots blasted by blasting turbines will be collected by portrait screw conveyor and delivered to bucket elevator then the bucket elevator will lift to air wash type separator After separating, the dust and broken steel shots will be removed away from steel shots and good steel shots will enter storage binvantages1Wide application, Easy to install and use Customized,Meet your needs Good stability, Low failure rate technical maturity, .

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