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Rdfrefuse Derived Fuel Industrial Shredder Crusher

With our broad range of reliable performance we provide the capability to efficiently shred RDF build double shaft RDF industrial shredder with single motor or double motor to meet your application requirementsis feature of low speed and high torquehese can handle RDF products including the plastic waste, paper waste, cloth waste, wood waste and much morehey are specially designed to provide effective operation with low noise, sparking, dust or heat riseoduct Feature Model HW300 HW500 HW600 HW800 HW1000 Machine Power KW 711 11 22 2222 Cutting Chamer mm 300x320 500x320 600x400 800x500 1000x550 Cutter Diameter mm 180 180 220 280 280 Cutter Thickness mm 20 20 20 20 20 Shaft Speed rpm 18 20 18 16 16 Cutter Quantity pcs 16 25 30 26 32 Inlet size mm 650x750 950x820 1050x850 1200x1000 1400x1100 Capacity Kg 300800 8001200 10002000 20003000 40006000 Feature Overload protection with automatic reversal-shredders include an electronic protection system to automatically stop and reverse the shredding action in the event of system overloadhe system allows the shredder to clear itself and then continues the shredding process automatically Advanced bearing protection system-Multiple barriers of mechanical labyrinth and conventional seals, protecting costly bearings and ensuring maximum on-line reliability Efficiency shredding-Counter rotating shafts turn at slightly different speeds increasing the efficiency of the shear and tear action Economical practical-From the low speed, high torque electromechanical driving system to our robust cutting chamber design, shredder are design for energy efficiency and low maintenance cost Low noise Non-ballistic operating-Low speed and high torque industrial shredders operate at low noise levels without creating dust and flying particles Severe Shock Protection-Cushion drive system absorbs minor shock loads and automatically stops the shredding action in the event a non-shreddable item is introduced into the cutting chamber High alloy heat treated cutter for extra long life,anti-corrosive and wear-resistant NSK tapered roller bearings, hexagonal cutter shafts designed for extra durabilitynicipal Solid Waste Industrial ShredderCrusher For RDF Working PrincipleThe working principle is as follow The RDF industrial shredder on the top of the combo machine will shred the RDF waste down to size first, about 43*12mm, then the shaft of dewatering squeezer push the shredded RDF waste against the SUS304 screen and the backpressure cone, the water will pass throught the screen but the RDF cannot, then the RDF will go along with the shaft and discharge from the end port, finally, the water and RDF be separatefter processing, the size of shredded and dewatered RDF waste is about 10-40 mmhe dewatering squeezer can remove 80-98% water out from the RDF wasteApplication PictureUsed TiresUsed tires be shredded to small flakes for further recyclingmestic WasteDomestic waste shredding and dewatering to make RDFRDF WasteMultiple waste shredding for sorting useful waste to make RDF.

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